Eco mailer boxes: Warsaw Saints


As part of our ongoing stories about sustainable brand’s, this inspiration reveals the enchanting tale of Warsaw Saints.

Warsaw Saints is a small brand that unlike others, is looking to break barriers making a change.

Everything from the concept of ideation and brand DNA all the way to its business operations is exemplary to what brands should be doing in the wake of sustainable business.

Discover what makes Warsaw Saints a brand of the future in the interview below.

Tell us what your brand is all about. What is Warsaw Saints?

Warsaw Saints is more than a typical clothing brand. We want to share a message – you can do whatever you set your mind to.

warsaw saints

So many people live in fear of the unknown, conforming to what’s comfortable and always wondering “what if”.

Warsaw Saints is here to encourage people to change that. Take charge, and let your dreams unfold.

It’s definitely something different. How did you come up with the concept for this brand?

Well, before Warsaw Saints, I had experience working for big corporate companies, particularly in the marketing department. It amazed me to see so many people kind of disappointed with their jobs but never had the courage to change anything.

They kept on showing up to a job they didn’t even like and complain, day in and day out.

I have to admit; I was in a similar situation.

I knew I wanted to take an entrepreneurial step and start my own brand. My biggest fear was failing, of course. You see, I’m wasn’t a professional designer, so I was kind of lost in that department.

One thing was certain for me, I was ready to stop working for someone and their dreams; I wanted to start working on my own. After much brainstorming and thinking about my future, I took all of my fears and transformed it into a brand – Warsaw Saints.

We’re curious about the naming of your brand. What role did Warsaw play in your branding formulation?

small eco miler boxes for warsaw saints

The brand was born in Warsaw. In a way, I wanted the brand to be remembered by that; where it came from. And it worked out pretty great!

Our products are super universal, and clients now come from many different countries.

With every piece of clothing they buy from us, I like to think that it’ll remind them of where it came from – Warsaw.

Can you tell us more about your products?

The entire idea is to offer streetwear apparel because it’s simple, comfortable, and universal.

We wanted to offer a quick solution to everyday wear.

Choosing what to wear every day takes time. And when you sum it up for every day, that’s a lot of time. But when you have something kind of like a uniform, it’s one less thing to worry about. You can focus on chasing your dreams, while you’re comfortable.

two sizes of eco mailer boxes

I also want to add that we aspire to create high-quality clothing that can withstand the test of time and usage.

When you buy a clothing item from Warsaw Saints, you can expect to be able to wear in 10 years. We’re all about quality, comfort, and timeless fashion.

How is Warsaw Saints a sustainable brand?

The answer is simple; long term use and universal designs.

The textile industry is one of the industries that contributes the most to air pollution. With big brands promoting fast fashion and compulsive consumption in buyers, creating a cycle of “wear and dispose of” after a couple of uses, we wanted our brand to completely deviate itself from this concept.

Learn about Greenwashing and how your brand can avoid it here.

Warsaw Saints was going to be a sustainable brand starting from the core.

eco mailer boxes warsaw saints

With the universal designs, our clothing will look good with almost anything you already have in your wardrobe.

For example, our pants can have a casual look when paired up Air Max shoes or also be dressed up with a pair of heels. Our universal designs also mean that our clothing is unisex. You’ll be able to share clothing with your boyfriend or girlfriend and even save some closet space.

When it comes to long term usability, we put a lot of effort into high-quality products and materials. Warsaw Saints clothing can last for years.

And it’ll help people not fall into the temptation of “trendy fashion” because our designs never go out of style.

I also want to add that when it comes to sustainability, we’ve tried to incorporate such value further into our brand.

socks and eco mailer boxes warsaw saints

In 2018, we decided to stop using any form of plastic and be a plastic-free company.

This led to us redesign our packaging and only use products made from recycled paper. Packhelp allowed us to do this in a breeze. We got packaging that was not only sustainable but also looked amazing.

And one last, but important thing; all of our clothing is locally produced in Poland. This was very important to us. And we’re happy because it has a great positive impact. We’re able to control almost every phase of production, as well as support our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint by not importing from abroad.

How was the collaboration with Packhelp on your branded packaging?

We are beyond satisfied with working with Packhelp.

Quality and accessibility were outstanding. During our initial packaging research, we found that a lot of packaging companies work in a very old-school manner, and it’s really hard to even get in contact with them. They also ask for high MOQs and their quality isn’t the best.

In Packhelp we found a great partner. The packaging met all of our expectations and the process worked almost automatically.

We opted for Eco Mailer Boxes in different sizes to be our signature packaging.

They were just what we needed and resonated perfectly with our brand values.

We knew they were the ones when we saw they were made of 90% recycled cardboard, and the design would be printed with water-based ink. Eco Mailer Boxes are the ideal sustainable packaging.

recycled eco mailer boxes from packhelp

How do you see the evolution of Warsaw Saints?

Warsaw Saints is a small brand. We like working in a natural flow.

Brainstorming, grabbing new ideas, immediately testing and experimenting and creating new pieces. That’s how we evolve and grow to make our clothing better.

It’s safe to say that we strive to avoid inducing consumption in the way that bigger brands, only worried about profit margins. We want Warsaw Saints to stay true to its’ core values and be able to transmit that to people.

I like to believe that small brands like Warsaw Saints can be the ones to have an impact on the world and an even bigger one in people.