How To Retain An Unhappy Customer? By Sending A Box!

Aleksandra Owczarek
Aleksandra Owczarek | 5 min read

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What if there was a creative way to say sorry if something went wrong?

Even though we all strive for perfection, nobody really reaches it. It's just the way it is, isn't it?

Every business makes mistakes, and many of them are known as "human errors".  If you send your products in branded boxes, you might get the wrong address or mix something in the order. Other problems can stem from your business partners. In other words, there is always space for a tiny mistake.

The important thing is to learn how to apologize for those small errors.


One such way is to send your customers "sorry boxes"

Imagine that your customer wasn't really satisfied with your product. And he had every right to feel that way. The small mistake was on your side. You are afraid to lose the client and they are unhappy with the product.

A creative way to say sorry would be to send him a gift in a branded packaging, that would be your way to say "We are sorry".

What can you include in such box? Depending on your product, of course, you can include several things. Think of something that people most of the people enjoy. Sweets, a bunch of small, branded items, a tea collection, cinema vouchers - you name it.

Remember, do not try to do a meticulous research about every single client - the gesture is what counts here the most.

Real-life example - Sorry As A Service

Sorry As A Service, an Estonia-based company has devised a very strange, but definitely cool service.

Whenever your company does something wrong and you are on the verge of losing your clients, they help in regaining them.


You say what should your "sorry" box include and Sorry As A Service takes care of the rest. The gift boxes are unique and they surely help in rebuilding a damaged image. The boxes include sweets, handmade gifts, greeting cards etc.


Sending boxes without an occasion

Saying sorry is one thing, but you should also build a relationship with your customers.

It can be strengthened by sending them small gift packages. Use a special occasion and surprise your customers. Create packaging that they will remember.

Such gift boxes should represent your values and clearly state that you appreciate the special relationship that you have with the recipient. Additionally, it's something that begs for social media buzz. Not many companies send their customers gifts just like that!

Moreover, such unexpected gifts are building the loyalty among the customers. Your clients will have a reason to talk about your brand and, assuming it's unique, share their experience with your product. Nurturing these relationships with the client base is crucial especially for small businesses. While big, global players don't necessarily focus on returning customers, the lesser known brands need to work hard on creating a bond with their clients. In the end, a loyal customer can be treated as a free sales representative.


Apologizing to your customers is not easy-peasy. It's a delicate matter, where creativity can really do miracles.

Sending boxes with handmade gifts or something your customers will surely enjoy, can help you rebuild your image. If you have an idea and clients that you wish you had a better relationship with, why not choose the box and start designing?


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