Designing funky product boxes: Happy Socks


In the world fueled by Instagram and other social media, brands need to define themselves in a sophisticated way. Happy Socks has created a set of custom sock packaging which say more than any words could.

At the core of the collection are Classic Product Boxes. As we have learned during our photoshoot in Warsaw, the boxes became so popular with the customers that some of them ask about buying the packaging on its own!

Read on to find out why Happy Socks's been one of our favorite brand stories to work on too!

happy socks

Over a few years since 2008, the Swedish company Happy Socks has grown into a global trendsetter in the socks market. The first bunch of colorful - dotted and striped - pairs of socks from 2008 has been expanded quite significantly into a vast collection of products. Today, Happy Socks also sells lingerie, trunks, swimming pants, and accessories like sunglasses.

Happy Socks has wonderfully worked on distinct product designs. Some of the most popular models are the limited series, which included socks inspired by the legendary band The Beatles, as well as Keith Harring, an iconic pop-art designer. These special editions are one of the unique features of the company.

The packaging of Happy Socks extracts the essence of the product and blends it in the form of colorful boxes, paper bags, and poly mailers. The small, cardstock-made containers are tiny pieces of design art and can keep up to two pairs of socks. They can be placed in a poly mailer for better protection during the shipment.

The next in line is a paper bag - a perfect branding solution for the customers, who leave the shop with a hefty amount of accessories. As Wojciech Zając, who is in charge of Happy Socks in Poland, comments:

"Happy Socks is a brand that promotes positive energy. The socks, as well as other accessories, are supposed to be a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. The packaging for such a brand had to be equally happy. We worked with Packhelp and ordered several types of packaging solutions."


packaging de happy socks

happy socks

As visible in our lovely gallery above, the Product Boxes of Happy Socks include the print inside option.

This finish variant is what strengthens the unboxing experience for the customers too.

"The packaging needs to correspond with the product in many ways. We wanted to create an entire unboxing experience. Many of our customers buy our products as gifts. This fact motivated us to take care of every detail of our packaging. The result is fantastic - we have customers asking about the boxes or if they can buy them to keep at home. "