Delivering a unique package: Taxify


Halloween in 2018 was quite special for the users of Taxify. In several European markets, Taxify has conducted a special event, where drivers delivered tailored-made boxes with sweets to lucky customers. We asked the company's marketing department about the details of the stunt and how it incorporated the raven-inspired boxes.

packaging for event inspiration taxify

Event marketing at its best

Event marketing has been a proven strategy for gaining media exposure and interest among customers. As we wrote in our article covering shipping deadlines, using particular occasions - like Halloween - to conduct something unique, is a fantastic way of making a brand look original among the competition.

Therefore, Taxify has used the rising popularity of Halloween in Poland as a marketing opportunity. The drivers were “armed” with small boxes containing sweets (as a reference to the traditional trick or treat) and a gift card with a discount. Each user in Warsaw had the opportunity to order the ride and claim the gift by choosing the special driver category.

The boxes were shipped - apart from Poland - to several other countries in Europe.

"We wanted to treat our customers with a bunch of sweets on this Halloween and ran giveaway campaigns in Warsaw, Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga, Bucharest and Kiev. Each pack included an invitation to use a discount code as well."


Special boxes for a marketing event by Taxify

The quick event has been a huge social media success. The gift packages were distributed with the speed of light and the entire campaign generated a lot of buzz around Taxify. The lucky customers were eager to share their photos of boxes in social media.

The boxes used in the event were a project created via Packhelp Pro. Each box was a perfect square (15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm), with outside print performed in CMYK. In order to add a unique finish, Taxify added the matt foil to make the boxes smoother on the surface.

The design of this special packaging had to correspond with Halloween. The leading graphics element was a sketch of a nocturnal crow.

“Hitchcock's "The Birds" and Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" are the two pieces where I drew my inspiration for the packaging. They were all about the Halloween atmosphere. ”

- commented Paula Parts, Marketing Designer at Taxify.

Hallowwen marketing event with packaging by Taxify

Taxify case study is an evidence that special packaging solutions can become a perfect social media content. The great concept of the promotional event has used boxes and allowed customers to share their experience along with photos.

“When we needed help, we got Packhelp. The company managed to deliver our customized design with a super tight schedule. All the communication went really smoothly and the people in Packhelp are warm, friendly and oriented in finding the best solution fitting your colorful needs.”