Jewelry packaging: Nāramne


A Slovak brand NĀRAMNE was a dream come true for founder Eva Krajmer. She is a true one-person band, as she manages the entire chain - from supplies and production to sales and marketing. And one of the key elements of NĀRAMNE’s branding is a minimalist packaging set - paper bags and kraft mailer boxes.

Read the story about designing packaging for jewelry, and how it needed to fit the brand's values and serve as a shipping-friendly choice.

branded eco mailer box naramne

NĀRAMNE was created in 2018. According to Eva, “It is a story connected with bracelets and precious stones.”

The main products, handmade produced by Eva herself, are bracelets and necklaces made from natural stones. What truly differentiates Eva’s works from other competitors is the philosophy behind them.

The inspiration behind NĀRAMNE’s products is also deeply rooted in Eva’s passion.

Eva is an ardent fan of lithotherapy and numerology. These are the two areas that developed the idea behind NĀRAMNE. The combinations of stones in a bracelet are usually based on a personal numerology grid that’s calculated from the date of birth of the customer.

small eco mailer box naramne

Numerology and lithotherapy heavily influenced the shape of NĀRAMNE. In ancient times, stones were worn by women, men and children. It was in these times, that people also crushed precious stones and mixed them with drinking water. Some famous advocates of the healing powers of precious stones were were Aristotle, as well as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.

As Eva explains;
“The stones have invaluable effects because they transmit positive vibrations, harmony and energy, and heal our bodies. As early as the ancient times, stones were attributed to having magical and healing powers. People believed that the light and energy emanating from stones could have healing effects on the human body. Like plants and trees, stones have healing power.”

She also highlights that she doesn’t claim that stones can be used as an alternative to modern medicine.

“The topic of precious stones is becoming somewhat of a trend, but I am also rational. I know that precious stones will not cure us overnight. If that were the case, everyone would be probably using them already.”

Apart from stones and jewellery, Eva has also launched home ritual packs that include scented candles with dried flowers and bath sea salts.

eco mailer boxes naramne

When asked about her customers, Eva told us that NĀRAMNE is ageless.

“As far as customers are concerned, I have a very wide scope. Although, jewellery and stones are mostly purchased by women. When it comes to the age range, there are no limitations. My customers buy bracelets for young children, young girls, and older people… Many people find it an original and personal gift.”

When we first spoke to Eva, she mentioned she used Packhelp’s corrugated boxes for shipping.

Her brand is driven by earthly materials, and so her packaging needed a natural aesthetic.

Today, her products vary in sizes. This lead NĀRAMNE to introduce different types of packaging.

Eva began using small Eco Mailer Boxes. Once ritual packs and other products were added to her offer, she also expanded the packaging set.

Currently, NĀRAMNE’s packaging includes two sizes of shipping-friendly boxes, Poly Mailers that serve as additional protection to ship boxes and Paper Bags for retail.

“The first impression is very important to me, because it contributes to the whole visual of the product. I try to deliver a pleasant experience not only from the product itself. I want to go beyond it. My goal is to raise curiosity. That's why I decided to put my products into these boxes because together they create a good overall impression and go well with my creations. I am very happy with them.”

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