Organic Hemp Oil Packaging: Hemp Juice


Finding ways to relax in a busy world can be tough. Fortunately, CBD oils are available in abundance to help relieve stress. We spoke to organic hemp oil brand, Hemp Juice about how their packaging helps them stand out

CBD is a substance found in hemp. Unlike THC which is also found in hemp,  CBD doesn’t cause intoxication but can have a relaxing and calming effect on the body. 

Hemp Juice Main

Behind the Hemp Juice brand are Polish founders Marta and Radek. Before selling their CBD oils to others, they tested the effects on themselves first. The occasion arose during a trip to California. As Marta says: 

“ We tested them on-site and were delighted with the performance. There, they mainly talk about using CBD recreationally, on a daily basis. In the domestic market, we only found products that had medical symbols and green leaves that mislead customers at first."

Organic hemp oil for everyday use 

Hemp Juice decided to change the mindset that consumers have to CBD remedies. To show people that these are not only pharmaceutical products but supplements for everyday use. Health products for anyone struggling with stress or fatigue. 

As Marta explained, "(The products are) for everyone who is stressed, busy, and suffering from all the negative effects of long-term stress - for example, having poor-quality sleep. Those who are naturally familiar with the idea of ​​taking care of their health. "

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Designing Eye-catching CBD Oil Packaging 

An additional distinguishing feature of Hemp Juice is the quality and visual appeal of their products.

“ We thought that an attractive and colorful-looking product will make you want to reach for it. " 

When it came to packaging their organic hemp oil, Hemp Juice opted for dark glass bottles decorated with eye-catching labels. As well as colorful sustainable cardboard boxes, in soothing, pastel colours and shipping cartons to carry the products in. All provided by Packhelp.

Hemp Juice wanted to make their products as eco-friendly as possible, while also being vibrant and eye-catching. Packhelp’s Eco Color mailer boxes were the perfect choice. 

Packhelp’s Eco Colour Mailer Boxes are a form of fully biodegradable packaging, made from recycled materials and printed with water-based inks meaning there are no nasty chemicals.

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Hemp Juice liked the idea that the idea of packaging refurbishment for their boxes. The idea is that boxes can serve a second purpose after their original use- in this case, after storing CBD oils.
" We wanted the box to be visually attractive and encourage people to keep it and give it a second life. It worked because our customers often write that they use our box to keep jewellery, cosmetics or other items in it. It makes me happy :)

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