Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Packaging Worldwide

Kate Wright
Kate Wright | 5 min read

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The packaging industry is full of surprises!

Being in packaging business, we learn that it is much more than just cardboard folded to secure a product. Packaging gives grounds to branding, as well as allows creativity to work. But it also means things that you wouldn't believe they were true.

Get ready to enrich your fun-fact knowledge!

#1 Coca-Cola is the most recognised brand in the world

A research published few years back announced that 94% of the world population recognises the red branding of Coca-Cola. On top of that, the name of the brand is the second most understood word globally, right after "okay". Now, that's what you call branding!

Jordan whitfield_packhelp_post

#2 The Intense Coffee Smell Is Not Exactly What You Think

According to researchers, coffee has one of the most attractive scents in the world. The producers of coffee know that the smell is what makes coffee such a tempting product. But the intense aroma that reaches your nose right after opening a jar of coffee is caused by a special type of spray aroma used under the lid.

PRO TIP: If you want to keep your coffee fresh and aromatic, flexible packaging with a degassing valve is your best bet.

Wakuli's coffee packaging

#3 Cardboard Boxes Are More Than 100 Years Old!

The first cardboard shipping box was patented in 1903, whilst cardboard itself is even older - patented in 1856. it seems that customised boxes have plenty of story behind.

eco shipping box

#4 Apple's Secret Place

If you ever stumbled upon a video of unboxing an Apple product, you saw the beauty and simplicity of their packaging. In order to achieve such level of perfection, the company has created a whole culture around the boxes for their products. A proof is that Apple's headquarters has a special designated place for coming up with the packaging for new products.


#5 Heat Up Your Box - Microwave-Adapted Packaging Of Noodles

Nongshim, Korea’s leading producer of instant noodles, created an innovative packaging that is safe for microwave using. According to the company, the additional material used in these boxes can sustain without melting even in 100 degrees. This interesting packaging can mean a milestone for the food industry, but time will prove its true value.


#6 An Innovative Type Of Packaging - A Magic Juice Box

A Swedish design company Tomorrow Machine is the creator of a magic juice box. The small box is made of agar-agar seaweed gel and water only and is dedicated to containing short-term fresh juices and smoothies. The box withers at the same rate as the product inside is consumed.


#7 Do You Know What The Expiration Date On The Bottle Tells You?

Although most of the food we consume has an expiration date, it doesn't apply to water. However, there's an expiration date on every bottle. But don't be mistaken, because these dates refer to the expiration of the bottle!


#8 Nike Has Created A First Shoebox Made Entirely Of Recycled Trash Materials

The company has pioneered its industry in terms of innovative yet sustainable packaging. The newly designed shoebox allows for comfortable wear as a rucksack, as well as a 100% made of recycled trash. The materials used for its creation are mainly drink containers. It's an interesting packaging design that screams "I'm eco-friendly, use me!".

The design was created by a Taiwanese company Miniwiz.

#9 Seven First Seconds Are What Defines Your Brand In Customer's Perception

Most customers form an impression of a certain brand within the first seven seconds from the moment they see it. Packaging and graphic communication is therefore extremely important from the perspective of a company!

 #10 Lots Of Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas wrappings are awesome, but unfortunately - they generate a lot of waste. An estimation suggests that each year we throw away more than 83 km2 of wrapping paper, which is enough to cover the whole island of Guernsey.



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