Preprinted Packaging: Discover Our New Ready-Made Designs!

Aleksandra Owczarek
Aleksandra Owczarek | 5 min read

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In this day and age, all things marketing happen on fast-forward. The way we deal with urgency dictates the way our brands will perform.

Luckily for marketers, we have a series of tools at our disposal to make this constant chase less daunting. One of the most accessible ones is our very own ready-made packaging.

Pre-made packaging has gained popularity over the last few years for B2C and B2B companies. Not only does it offer an accessible and quick way to communicate to buyers, but used well, it has the potential to solidify your brand positioning.

Before diving into the world of packaging with our newest ready-made solutions, let's discuss a few basics.

What is pre-made packaging?

We asked the expert, Kamila Koźmiańska, Graphic Designer at Packhelp:

"Prepress is a process that satisfies customers' needs who seek to obtain beautiful packaging for their products quickly. Thanks to it, you can appreciate the quality of the printing and the possibilities we have when it comes to packaging. It is a good solution for brands that are taking their first steps in packaging."

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What is the difference between custom-made packaging and pre-made packaging?

Custom made packaging is specifically designed and personalised to fit your product needs and branding

Pre-made packaging is standard fab looking packaging, ready-printed, stored and ready to ship. This product is suitable for businesses that want something quick and easy.

In other words, custom made packaging is made around your product, while the ready-made packaging is designed to fit a more general effect. 

Custom versus Preprinted Packaging Infographic

Ten benefits of ready-made packaging

  1. Speedy delivery times - your order is ready to ship
  2. Safe flat-pack shipping - storing won't be an issue
  3. Eco-aware - our items tick three or more eco-properties
  4. Low MOQs - you can order preprinted boxes from 30 pcs
  5. An absolute saver - you don't have to break the bank for it
  6. Eye-catcher - fab designs printed with our latest technology
  7. It's memorable - bold designs guarantee customer retention
  8. A premium vibe - high quality for a good unboxing experience
  9. Always a safe bet - for small brands who are now just starting
  10. Suitable for rebranding - our ready-made packaging is the answer

Getting your packaging has never been easier

Here's how we create our ready-made packagingoffset printing machine

1. Offset printing

(Also called lithographic printing)

This technique can produce a high volume of prints, representing a substantial saving in costs compared to other printing modalities.

Using the Computer to plate technique (also known as direct to plate), the design is separated into four images based on the CMYK colour spectrum: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (or black).

Once the images are separated, laser light is used to mount them one by one directly on the offset printing plate. This reduces the printing time and costs and produces excellent quality images.flexographic printing machine

2. Flexographic printing

(The most common type of printing)

Flexographic printing is a method that uses a flexible raised plate to print on the substrate, which can be made of wood pulp, synthetic or laminated material. The printing is done using water-based ink, making the entire process environmentally friendly. We might employ other types of ink when the design requires it.

Meet our products

Our preprinted packaging collection was created to respond to our customer needs, who demanded faster delivery times. Watch this space for new releases!

Preprinted Full-Colour Mailer Box

ready made boxes on white background

Nature lover: at least 90% recycled content + water-based ink

Beauty queen: a sturdy box, both practical and aesthetic

E-commerce warrior: amazing for small to medium-size businesses

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Preprinted Eco Mailer Box

Environmentalist: at least 90% recycled content + water-based ink

Minimalist queen: make a statement with just kraft paper and a friendly copy

E-commerce warrior: amazing for small to medium-size brands

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Preprinted Bio Poly Mailer

pre printed bio poly mailer from packhelp (to resize)

Your friend indeed: to handle your every need.

Eco-warrior: a faux plastic bag made from cornstarch

A shipping dream: a waterproof & tear-proof bag to protect your goods 

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Preprinted Kraft Tape

preprinted kraft tapes with squiggles

Ready for anything: weatherproof and dust-resistant

Bit clingy: sticks to all types of surface and won't budge

Overachiever: made from FSC® certified forests & recycled materials

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What is the FSC® certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global, not-for-profit organisation that supervises and promotes sustainable forest management worldwide.

They set the best practices in terms of sustainable forest management, which meet the needs of environmental, social and economic stakeholders.

Read more here

To sum up

In this article, we learnt how easy it is to make a brand statement via preprinted packaging and why it's one of the best solutions if you want to start trading NOW.


We gave you an insight into why we have decided to offer our customers a preprinted collection and how we manufacture our packaging.


And lastly, we shared with you or ready-made heroes and spoke about what makes them so unique in the world of packaging.

See for yourself!

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