How can I add my own graphics to a design?

In the box editor, you can add graphics to the design in two ways.

  • Drag and drop
    1. Simply choose a file from your desktop or a directory window (a folder if you work on Windows) and drag it to the window of the browser in which you are using the box editor. This can be done in a 3D view or in the view of a particular wall. The uploading process will start automatically. Note! You can upload only one file at a time.
    2. If you upload colourful graphics to the Eco or Eco White box, we will convert them to black automatically. It will be printed on your boxes in the same manner.
    3. When your graphics have been uploaded, you will see the window with all the files you have uploaded and the tools for uploading further files.
    4. If you wish to place your graphics on a wall, select the proper thumbnail from the right section of the screen. Place the mouse on it and click on the ‘apply’ inscription which will pop up.
    5. NOTE! If you upload your graphics in a 3D view, you must select a concrete wall prior to placing the graphics on your design. To do this, close the dialogue box and select a proper option from the top menu.
    6. Next, press the Add graphics button on the left side of the screen.
    7. In this way you can place single graphics on a few walls as well as multiple copies of the same graphics on a single wall.
    8. The uploaded graphics can be freely turned, aligned to the middle and reduced in size. To do this, click on the graphics in the box editor and use the option you like.
  • Using the file selection window
    1. Choose the wall on which you want to place your graphics, using the menu at the top of the screen.
    2. Press the Add graphics button on the left side of the screen.
    3. In the new dialogue window, press the Select a file button or drag it onto the area marked with a dotted line.
    4. Once your graphics have been uploaded, the corresponding thumbnail preview will be visible in the right part of the window. Now, you can place it on the wall.