How To Create Original Packaging With a Logo & Custom Prints

Kate Wright
Kate Wright | 4 min read

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This simple solution will make your logo remembered!

Every company should aim at creating a memorable set of visuals. Either it is logo, a slogan, font or key visual - it is all part of the crucial marketing strategy. If you want your customers to remember not only your product, but also the packaging and overall experience, packaging with logo is a great way to achieve that.

An efficient advertising channel

Branding can do magic to a company. A catchy name, great slogans and original packaging are all factors that enrich the experience of a customer. Customers form their opinion about a product in seven seconds after seeing the packaging. It is enough time to grab their attention and astonish!

In order to do so, utilise packaging as means to building brand awareness. It is the only channel that reaches every customer that buys the product. Cardboard boxes can be used more than once and their elegant look combined with easy use creates a rich customer experience.

Get your own packaging with logo

A logo is the business card of a company. Once its design is original, trendy and visually captivating, it surely elevates the company's image to more appealing. Such logo is also a great visual treat on a box that you could order at our website.

product packaging

Choosing the right box

Before ordering boxes, it is advisable to consider the range of our products. For smaller products, we have created a line of elegant classic boxes that we called Classic Product Boxes and Two Piece Product Boxes. Both provide a great exposure of the product and if you are interested in a big quantity, we can create some special add-ons too. Your logo will look simply great on them.

Learn more about Classic Product Boxes and Two Piece Product Boxes - click here.

Product boxes are made from high quality papers Arktika and Chromocard. Both have an ISEGA certificate and are good for direct contact with food. Also, these boxes provide the most lively prints.

If you wish to have classic Mailer Boxes, we offer four different types. If your logo is only in black (or can be used in black imprint too), we can suggest Eco and Eco White Mailer Boxes - for simple, minimalist designs. If your logo needs a palette of colours, our Eco Color and Full Color are perfect solutions. They vary in saturation of colours, so take a minute to get to know them better before you choose.

biotika eco mailer box

Intuitive Box Editor

We are proud of our box editor solution. Using the specially designed tool, you can easily upload your design or create it online. If you wish to do it all by yourself, you will need your logo in a good resolution and upload it (take a look at our blog post with tips for designing). You will also be able to change colors of the walls of the box and add texts or other images. You can also use our AR app to visualise the box design before placing order.

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