How To Choose The Right Box For Your Product

Aleksandra Owczarek
Aleksandra Owczarek | 7 min read

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In this short guide, you'll see how to find the right packaging to fit the needs of your product.

The range of packaging solutions in the market is becoming more and more complex. It becomes hard to choose the right box, let alone the right size, type, material and finish option.

This process of 3 easy steps, will help you choose the best boxing solution for whatever you're selling.

#1 What Do You Need Your Box For?

Packaging is simple.

It's a box, right?

Why does it have to be so hard?

How come there are so many details?

Well, the answer is simple - it is a box, but it the right box does more!

Customer delivery

If you plan to send your product via courier delivery or using postal boxes, the best solution is Mailing Boxes. They are made from a high-quality, recycled cardboard. Depending on the size, you can use these boxes to send plenty of different things.

Our biggest sizes - F93 and F112 - are great for subscription boxes. F62, F71, F79 are great boxes for clothes, while the smallest sizes (f23, F33 and F44) can serve as a delivery solution for many items including jewellery, belts, cosmetics and other accessories.

If you plan to send a bigger number of products in one box, we suggest Shipping Boxes. They are more solid than Mailer Boxes. Shipping Boxes will secure the delivery of clothes and other heavy items. Check out our boxes for bottles to safely send beer, wine spirits or other bottled liquids.

Display at a shop

Quality boxes can increase the exposure of your product on a shop shelf. Depending on the size of the product, either Mailer or Product Boxes can be a good fit.

Small items can be displayed in smaller boxes. The Two-Piece version is a fantastic presentation box ties, bowties, socks, wallets etc. The Classic Product Boxes would look good as a colourful packaging for sweets, small clothing accessories or a card game.

Custom branded gift boxes are a great add-on to your shop, as you can sell them as an upgrade, enabling your customer to gift their purchase.

sklep stacjonarny-zapakujto


If you need additional storage at home or the office, Cardboard boxes are a great solution. Small office equipment and documents can be kept out of sight, out of mind. The best-sized storage boxes are F44 and F45.

#2 What is your Product?

The second step is to think about your product. There are several things to consider:


Think about your product inside a box. It's important to know the size of the product because it helps to imagine the arrangement of it inside the box.

When using the online box editor, you can see the internal measurements of length, width and height.

box measurements

If you need a custom size and shape, check out Packhelp's Store. You describe your idea in detail and we come back with a quotation. Simple as that.

Find the ideal size of your box using the augmented reality mobile app.

AR box app

Is your product fragile?

There is a lot of products which require a little special treatment throughout the delivery process. Packaging fillers are a great way to ensure that nothing gets damaged in transit.

Fragile products can be sent in Packhelp's Mailer Boxes. Thick, rigid cardboard means that nothing will get hurt buy an over-enthusiastic delivery guy.

Custom mailer boxes for a sustainable pad brand Fluus

How heavy is it?

Weight is extremely important when it comes to shipping.

Even though these boxes are made for achieving an exquisite look and exposure, they are not necessarily advised for delivery of heavy products. In the case, when the product is far from lightweight, it is best to choose a Mailer Box. And if - apart from its weight - your product needs space, consider choosing Shipping Boxes.

What is it made from?

Some products - especially those made from glass, ceramics and very fragile materials - will definitely require adding fillers to enhance security.

#3 Features Of Your Packaging

Ok, so we've established what you need the box for and what product you'll place inside.

What's next?

Well, the coolest part - details!


The look of your box depends on the variant you choose.

Eco Mailer Boxes are a natural, raw option. A unicolour black or white imprint is the perfect choice for brands aiming for minimalism.

Check out Libérrimo's natural mailer boxes

Eco Mailer Box

Eco White Mailer Boxes include whitened cardboard instead of the natural cardboard texture. This special layer allows using a more complex, black imprint. Even though it is a composition of white and black, Eco White helps you create a bit of a crazier design.


Eco White Mailer Box

In case you feel a black imprint is not enough, check out Eco Colour Mailer Boxes and their full CMYK palette imprint. Just like Eco White, a whitened layer of cardboard is there for adding print.

Additionally, the print is a bit less saturated, with the natural cardboard as the base. If you don't need or want vibrant, killer colours, this is the option for you.


Eco Colour Mailer Box

Full-Colour Mailer Boxes is our premium variant. We use a different base for the print, which causes the design to be very lively and saturated. Additionally, you can have various finish options - glossy foil, matt foil and a white inside.


odder side packhelp
Full-Colour Mailer Box

Product Boxes - both Classic and Two-Piece - are ideal for brands, that care about product exposure.

The imprints on papers used in the production of these boxes (Arktika and Chromocard) are lively and high-quality.

Secure delivery

If your biggest concern is the safety of your packaging, we recommend adding Poly mailers to your Mailer Boxes. A Poly mailer will ensure that even the harsh weather conditions will not damage your packaging.

Alternatively, Shipping Boxes may be more for you.


If you are beginning your journey as a business owner, we suggest making a small order for your custom packaging.

30-50 pieces is a good amount for you to judge the viability of using custom packaging for your brand.

If you need to cut costs, choose Eco or Eco White Mailer Boxes - they're a great option to test custom packaging with a minimal investment.

However, if your product requires a more upscale look, our Full-Colour Mailer Boxes, as well as Product Packaging are what you're after.

That's it - your custom boxes are ready!

It's easy to see that product packaging is more than just a box. It's a great way to echo your branding and give your customers an unforgettable buying experience that'll keep them loyal and buying from you long into the future.

Get your custom packaging started by visiting the Packhelp Shop and seeing the range of packaging solutions your brand can start using.


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