All You Need To Know About Bespoke Cardboard Boxes

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What are bespoke cardboard boxes? Where can you buy them and how can you create them – quick and easy?

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your mind. On your daily to-do list, packaging options are not that high.

Therefore, packaging should be hassle-free.

Flicking through websites of countless packaging manufacturers, obviously, isn’t hassle-free. You need a reliable provider that can quickly deliver what you need, on time and cost-efficiently.

In this article, you’ll see the benefits of using a bespoke custom packaging supplier, such as Packhelp.

bespoke cardboard boxes

What are bespoke cardboard boxes?

Bespoke cardboard boxes packaging solutions made from cardboard that can be custom printed. These boxes can vary in terms of shape, paper grammage, and most importantly – the way they’re used.

The most common kind of bespoke packaging that Packhelp customers use are:

  • Mailer boxes, dedicated to sending products directly to customers
  • Product boxes, perfect for a retail store and gift packaging
  • Letterboxes, the ideal solution to send items at official Royal Mail dimensions
  • Wine boxes, created specifically for 0.7L bottles

Mailing bespoke boxes (also known as postal boxes and mailer boxes) are made from corrugated cardboard. Each wall of the box consists of three layers (called waves in the packaging industry) of recycled cardboard. This way, the construction of each box is more stable and provides cushioning for whatever you place inside.

bespoke cardboard boxes

Bespoke Mailer boxes can be printed with any pattern or design you like. There are 4 types of Mailer boxes that Packhelp offers.

Eco boxes can be printed with blank ink, and Eco White boxes are made with a whitened cardboard. Eco Colour boxes have your colourful design printed directly onto cardboard, and Full Colour boxes have your design printed on a white, laminated layer of cardboard.

How to design your bespoke packaging

There are multiple ways that you can design your bespoke packaging.

Packhelp boxes come in a wide range of standard sizes, as well as tailor-made sizes. If you decide to use a standard size, you can use Packhelp’s online editor to design your bespoke boxes exactly how you want them.

TIP: An online editor is a tool created by Packhelp, where you can design your own packaging directly on your laptop.

The mailing bespoke boxes are an ideal choice if you ship products directly to your customers. Brands that can benefit from these types of bespoke cardboard boxes include:

  • subscription service companies
  • cosmetic brands
  • clothing brands
  • producers of clothing accessories
  • producers of candles
  • producers of toys
  • and more.

bespoke cardboard boxes

In Packhelp’s online editor, you can easily create bespoke boxes with a logo and also create more complicated designs.

The best part?

You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to do the job.

Packhelp’s online editor can help you:

  • create bespoke boxes from scratch
  • organise delivery directly to your doorstep
  • order as few as 30 pieces
  • create a set of bespoke boxes, tissue paper and tape all at once.

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The second type of bespoke packaging you can leverage is product boxes.

Product boxes are made from paperboard, which is a lighter material in comparison with cardboard. Packhelp offers bespoke product boxes with lids in two variants – fully printed or raw cardboard (kraft).

The advantage of fully printed product boxes is that both inside and outside the box, you can use colours from the CMYK palette (a range of colours commonly used in printing).

Kraft boxes look just like the packaging you see below:

bespoke cardboard boxes

A bespoke letterbox is a box made to Royal Mail standards, specifically for a Royal Mail post box. The outside size of a bespoke letterbox is 24.5 cm x 19.4 cm x 2.4 cm.

It’s the perfect size if you’re mailing products within the UK or have a product that can fit inside the popular Royal Mail standard. 

A custom letterbox is the size F46 from the standard sizes of mailer boxes.

Finally, you have bespoke wine boxes, which are available in two variants – kraft and white-based. Just like bespoke product boxes and mailing boxes, they’re printed in the CMYK palette, however, they are designed to fit a 0.7L bottle. Bespoke wine boxes are a great corporate gift, along with a bottle of good wine.

Take a look below to see an example of a bespoke wine cardboard box.

bespoke cardboard wine boxes

Complementary products for bespoke cardboard boxes

There are a number of concepts that can help show off your bespoke packaging even more. These include tissue paper and poly mailers.

Tissue paper is a semi-transparent, extremely light and thin layer of paper. Moreover, it is biodegradable and free of sulfur-based inks.

Just like your bespoke packaging, tissue paper can also be designed in Packhelp’s online editor. Upload your logo or pattern and choose from dozens of colours to print onto.

bespoke cardboard boxes

Poly mailers are perfect as an additional layer of packaging, on top of your mailer box. They are made of polypropylene and can prevent damage from a lazy postman, or the year-round grey British skies.

Poly mailers can also include your logo and come in various colours. Just like your bespoke boxes and tissue paper, Poly mailers can also be designed in Packhelp’s online editor.

Other information about bespoke cardboard boxes

Secure delivery

Your bespoke boxes are great for shipping.

Opt for mailer boxes if you sell most of your products online. These types of boxes are durable, very easy to fold and available in a wide range of printing options.

Available to the entire UK

It doesn’t matter where you’re based.

Packhelp ships to the UK, as well as all of the EU countries for free. Your packaging is produced within 21 days and arrives within 3 to 5 business days after the boxes are printed. If you’re in a hurry, express production is also an option for you.

Designing on your own

Packhelp’s online editor was made to cater to small business owners like you. User-friendly, intuitive – and here’s what our customers say:

“I decided to trust Packhelp, because I really liked the range of possible finishing variants and sizes of the products. An online editor is also a great tool. I could see the project in 3D, which really helped me when creating more complex designs.”

Hundreds of UK-based brands like you

Many brands that operate globally from the UK have used Packhelp for their bespoke cardboard boxes. Take a look at the following case studies to see how they’re using their packaging as a marketing tool:

  • Scent By Mail – read the case study here
  • Monday’s Child – read the case study here
  • Snakehive – read the case study here
  • This Box Rocks – read the case study here

bespoke cardboard boxes

Packhelp’s Bespoke cardboard boxes are a reliable packaging solution for your company, no matter what you sell.

Enjoy the convenience of designing online and the personalisation of totally customised packaging, no matter what you sell.

Click below to see all of our products and choose the one fitting your needs.

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Kajetan Wyrzykowski
Kajetan Wyrzykowski Content Specialist at Packhelp. Interested in design and all the aesthetically looking things, but also keen on diving into the analytical side of content.
Content Specialist at Packhelp. Interested in design and all the aesthetically looking things, but also keen on diving into the analytical side of content.