Ankorstore x Packhelp – delivering the right packaging for authentic brands

Aleksandra Owczarek
Aleksandra Owczarek | 5 min read

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Ankorstore was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and partners with over 30,000 retailers, florists, coffee shops, and other concept stores across Europe. Currently, the platform operates in 30+ countries with a mission to discover and promote authentic products and brands. Ankorstore aims to offer its customers a unique shopping experience distinct from the mass e-commerce landscape. We are proud to be a part of this innovative journey, contributing to a marketplace that values originality and quality. Our involvement with Ankorstore allows us to support a diverse community of independent businesses, fostering growth and success for small enterprises that bring creativity and authenticity to the market.

The beginning of our collaboration

Our collaboration began with a visit to Ankorstore's warehouse in Lyon. During this visit, Packhelp conducted an audit of the packaging portfolio that Ankorstore offers to its brands, aiming to enhance the durability and usability of their boxes. A prime example of our successful cooperation is redesigning a bottle box that was previously too thin to transport fragile glass bottles safely. With over 40% of the packaging sustaining damage during transit due to insufficient protection, this was a critical issue. Packhelp's packaging experts developed a more robust solution, ensuring the new design could withstand even the most demanding conditions. This improvement was validated through rigorous crash testing, demonstrating the enhanced resilience and reliability of the new packaging.

The packaging portfolio

In addition to enhancing box durability, we supply Ankorstore and its brands with an extensive range of packaging solutions. Our portfolio includes 71 different packaging options tailored to meet the diverse needs of small business owners. This variety ensures that brands can find the perfect packaging for their specific products, optimising space during transport and minimising air commerce. This comprehensive selection helps reduce shipping costs and ensures that every brand has access to the packaging they need to protect their products and enhance their brand presentation.

Additional services

Regarding our services, Packhelp manages the entire logistics operations related to packaging. This includes providing multilingual customer support to assist Ankorstore's diverse community of local brands. We handle the shipment of packaging to individual brands and Ankorstore fulfilment centres, ensuring timely and efficient delivery. Additionally, we offer warehousing services for brands who need to store their packaging in alternative locations. Our comprehensive logistics support guarantees that brands have seamless access to the packaging they need, when and where they need it.

"At Ankorstore, we support many entrepreneurs who are either just starting or operating on a smaller scale. Since packaging is often the first interaction that end customers have with a product, we wanted to provide our sellers with high-quality packaging that fits their budget. In addition to cost savings, our goal was to reduce the damage rate for retailers, which Packhelp has made possible. It's wonderful to work with a team that understands the challenges of small business owners and can flexibly adapt to their needs. We hope this cooperation will lead to a higher rate of satisfied customers." - Peter Logan, Operations Manager


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