Shipping post-Brexit: Everything you need to know


David Mirzaei

Head of Marketing, byrd

Norbert Drozdowski

Logistics Team Leader, Packhelp

Delays in deliveries, extra charges on cross-border import costs and massive confusion about returns – we’ve all learned the hard way after the UK left the EU. 

Six months after Brexit, Packhelp is teaming up with Byrd e-commerce fulfilment provider, to share everything we’ve learned about shipping to the UK. Through concrete examples, we want to share our tips on how to handle your deliveries without any hassle. 

Join us for the upcoming “Ask me Anything” session with David Mirzaei of Byrd and Norbert Drozdowski of Packhelp, to learn how to manage worry-free cross-border shipping to the UK.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Knowledge of how to calculate delivery charges and ‘handling fees’ properly
  • Best case practices on handling returns
  • Understanding of what might cause delays in your deliveries and how to avoid them
  • Best practices about cross-border fulfillment strategies
  • Knowledge about the requirements to continue selling to the EU as UK-retailer

Packhelp Talks are live trainings and “Ask me Anything” sessions with invited guests. We talk about e-commerce, retail, packaging, design, sustainability, and more! 



What topics will we cover during this session?

Running a business six months after Brexit: What have we learned?

How to calculate delivery charges and ‘handling fees’ properly?

How to handle hassle-free returns?

How to claim the 20% VAT import tax?

What’s causing delays in deliveries?

How to use decentralized cross-border fulfillment to reduce logistics costs?

Which requirements do I need to meet in order to continue selling to EU customers?

Alternative transport solutions to optimise your deliveries to the UK.

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