Douze: Portabale and aesthetic packaging

How packaging can be both practical and elevate brand recognition

Douze, a non-alcoholic and mood-boosting beverage brand, needed innovative and sturdy packaging that could be easily carried by hand while serving as a distinctive trademark for the brand.

The vision and the needs

As a beverage brand, Douze faced specific challenges with its packaging needs.

The primary requirement was to create a packaging that could be carried by hand and be sturdy enough to support the weight of the beverages to prevent breakage.

However, the envisioned packaging would not only be functional but also serve as a marketing tool. The goal was to create a box that was both innovative and wearable, allowing customers to carry it easily and, in doing so, increase the visibility of the brand.

Finally, the packaging had to reflect Douze’s core values of attention to detail, agility, excellence, and mindfulness in design and execution.

Douze sought a partner who could understand their unique vision and translate it into a practical yet stylish packaging solution.

Packhelp’s Services in Use:

Product Assessment and Material Selection

Packaging engineers begin by evaluating the customer's product. This involves assessing the size, weight, fragility, and any other requirements so they can select materials that best suit the product's unique needs.

Customised Construction

After choosing the right material, the packaging engineers design a custom packaging solution to meet the clients' needs and secure the product.

Fast Delivery

Ensuring that the packaging is delivered reliably and fast to meet the customers request.

Combination of endurance testing and logistical support

The challenge for Packhelp’s engineers was to ensure that the box would be strong enough to carry both 6-pack and 12-pack of cans by the integrated cardboard handle.

The development process included creating a design specifically for Douze, selecting the right raw material and conducting strength tests.

After adding the client’s eye-catching design, the result was a package that perfectly met Douze’s needs for both practicality and branding.

Finally, Packhelp’s logistics team did everything to deliver the finished production in a short time to meet the customer’s request.

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