How Packhelp helped Pizza Week manage bespoke packaging delivery for 80 restaurants

Pizza Week stands as a unique culinary event, uniting over 80 restaurants across Poland for an 18-day celebration of pizza.

Beyond offering pizza aficionados a chance to sample diverse flavours, the organisers had to replicate the dine-in experience in the comfort of one’s home. This demanded flawless food presentation coupled with punctual delivery. Here, our bespoke pizza boxes made their mark.

Make your pizza box great again

Personalised boxes
Packhelp crafted exclusive pizza boxes for the festival’s edition, serving not only as a vibrant medium to promote the event and its partners but also as a visually distinct departure from the mundane. In total the festival prepared 2315 orders and custom boxes infused a sense of festivity into each one of them, enhancing the celebratory ambiance. 

This strategy garnered impressive results, as evidenced by the buzz created by 80+ social media influencers. The enthusiastic customer feedback confirmed the success of our design, significantly boosting the festival’s profile.

The feedback from participating restaurants was overwhelmingly positive, lauding the boxes’ quality and visual appeal. This acclaim underscores the immense value of investing in tailored packaging to elevate brand image and enrich the customer experience.

Packhelp’s Services in Use:

Automated deliveries

Thanks to automated delivery flows restaurants could adjust box deliveries based on real-time order volumes.

Custom design

The bespoke pizza box design boosted the festival's profile and made all festival deliveries stand out from regular orders.

Tailored solution

Packhelp adjusted the services offered by the platform, as well as the available products to serve the specific needs of pizza restaurants

Automated packaging ordering system

A secondary challenge we faced was orchestrating packaging orders through automated systems. Automation was crucial in streamlining operations for a festival that lacked presale options, complicating logistics planning.

Furthermore, the delivery of large orders posed a challenge for smaller venues. Our innovative platform, which adjusted box deliveries based on real-time order volumes, proved to be a real game-changer. It allowed restaurants to report their needs autonomously while enabling organisers to adapt swiftly, ensuring prompt box delivery.

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