Custom printed cardboard boxes

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Please note that we currently sell to EU countries only. If you are based outside the EU, please talk to us. Depending on the type of order and shipping costs, there is a chance we could work something out.


We are a company that specializes in the packaging. With us you can take advantage of an online app and individually design and order a custom printed cardboard box which will fit your line of products.

Custom printed cardboard boxes

I’m not sure if you know but there is a company with an app on its website which you can use to individually design and order custom printed cardboard boxes. We are a new company in the packaging industry and that is why we try to approach each client individually, but we also attempt to meet their needs and preferences in terms of custom printed cardboard boxes. Everyone who takes advantage of our services may individually design a custom printed cardboard box in a preferred size and adjusted to the product, which constitutes an answer to the personal needs. The client creates the proper box in a custom size while Packhelp takes care of the finishing. The box may be decorated with your own print and finished in an ennobling way by our company. Then you may use such a custom printed cardboard box to ship your products and it will surely stand out among the other packages.

Despite the fact that we are a company operating on the packaging market for more than a year now, we still do our best to help our clients in executing their ideas concerning custom printed cardboard boxes, which can also be ecological if you want to focus on environmental safety. The originality of custom printed cardboard boxes is the base, and that is precisely what makes them unique on the store shelf. With us you can also find ecological custom printed cardboard boxes or stylized custom printed cardboard boxes.

Custom printed cardboard boxes – online app

No problem or complex design is unfamiliar to us. We are able to design a custom solution. That is why you can design and order custom printed cardboard boxes using the multimedia wizard included on our website. Regardless whether you will order 30 or 2000 boxes, the execution time is always the same, and set at 14 working days. You will pay a low sum for it all, so you are going to gain more than you have to lose. The entire process of creating and executing the order will take just 10 minutes and you can spend the rest of your time pleasantly with your family.

Innovation means only custom printed cardboard boxes

Custom solutions are surely the future of the packaging industry. Custom solutions combined with innovativeness will surely increase the demand for custom printed cardboard boxes. Nothing more to add, just stick with custom solutions.

Packhelp Think outside the box! Our online web-app makes it super easy for anyone to design and order custom-branded packaging.
Think outside the box! Our online web-app makes it super easy for anyone to design and order custom-branded packaging.