Brâam, well-being and eco-responsibility in the office
Behind the original name of Brâam hides a concept that surely every business needs: a little more well-being and eco-responsibility in the office. Let's find out how Brâam does it.

Starting at home.. or the office

Brâam started with a simple observation.
And maybe you can do this yourself: how is your company's office?
Chances are that your answer will contain the following points:
Made for profitability and performance
Only sweet snacks and sodas are available
There are no plants
We don't pay much attention to waste

eco products from braam

The company's offices are functional, but probably quite austere and not very good for the health or the planet.
And when you don't think about it, you don't necessarily realize the negative impact of the office on our well-being or on the environment.
It was to address these issues that Brâam was born.
The Brâam concept
But wait, before we explain Brâam, we should explain this curious name to you, right?
In fact, the name Brâam is directly inspired by the slab of the deer.
"Brâam is the echo of nature that does not leave us indifferent".
Ok, so what are they doing?
Well Brâam is a committed distributor of gourmet, healthy and natural products.

This includes products like fruit baskets, healthy snacks, coffee beans, and tea and cold drinks.
But Brâam also offers services such as non-contact and solidarity hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, coffee bean machines, water machines and revegetation.
In short, an offer that somewhat meets all business needs in terms of well-being.
What about eco-responsibility in all of this?
Well, we're going to get to that. Because at Brâam, they have values.
Brâam's values
Brâam doesn’t just do it anyhow when it comes to distributing corporate wellness products.
The company strives to promote:
Healthy food and quality products
The products it sells are either from organic farming or from sustainable agriculture and the brand favours the local and responsible.

braam products

A reduced carbon footprint
The delivery service trucks run on city natural gas.
Eco packaging
Brâam tries to make its packaging ever more eco-responsible in order to promote recycling.
Zero waste
The fruits that she does not use in the baskets are distributed to restos du Coeur.
Brâam's latest product: a non-contact, supportive hydroalcoholic gel
The brand of well-being in the office has recently launched a very appropriate product in view of the current context: UMANO, a hydroalcoholic gel.

slevved mailer box by braam

And here too, the brand's ethics are essential: it is a non-contact, supportive hydroalcoholic gel.
Without contact, you can imagine what that means, but a solidarity hydroalcoholic gel?
Well, Brâam distributes 100% of UMANO profits to Astrée, an association that fights against the isolation of people.
UMANO deserves to be known, right?
To this end, Brâam has created a press relations box.
The press relations box created with Packhelp
To get people talking about their new product, one of the means of communication, of course, is the press.
But to attract journalists and media, we still need to pay attention.
This is why Brâam sent a press kit in a box ordered from Packhelp to present UMANO.
The office well-being brand appreciated that our wide range of boxes could match any type of project and found the perfect fit: our box with a headband.

custom packaging for braam by packhelp

Of course, the ecological side clearly weighed in the balance because the box with the band is easily recyclable (and also biodegradable).
And Brâam told us that they were very satisfied with the quality of the boxes.
As you can see, the headband box helps to draw all the attention to the headband itself and showcase the message you have to convey.
In this case, Brâam has chosen a minimalist design centred on the name of the product UMANO and on the representation of hydroalcoholic gel using a drop collected by hands. Simple and efficient.
Brâam still has some great projects in the pipeline
The wellness brand is already doing a lot, but it wants to go further.
His next project?
A 100% zero waste cafeteria offer! Not bad when you think of all those cups as soon as the coffee is thrown away or those capsules were thrown away and still too little recycled.