Sustainable Food Packaging: Brâam


The concept behind Brâam reveals values that more and more brands are starting to follow; focus on well-being and sustainability.

Brâam takes this to a new level and is focusing on changes they can make inside the workplace.

Starting at home.. or the office

Brâam was born from a simple observation; how is life for people in their offices?

They noticed the following things:

  • Functionality
  • Focus on profitability and performance
  • Availability of unhealthy snack options
  • No sight of plants
  • Lack of attention to waste management


eco products from braam

Sure, people go to offices to work. And because of that, most of us don't pay attention to how offices are being run.

To address these issues, Brâam was born.

The Brâam concept

The name Brâam was inspired by nature and sustainable living.

"Brâam is the echo of nature that does not leave us indifferent".

And from that, they became a committed distributor of gourmet, healthy and natural products to offices.

Some of their products include fruit baskets, healthy snacks, coffee beans, and tea and cold drinks.

But Brâam also offers services such as antibacterial gel dispensers, coffee bean machines and water machines.

They are the go-to solution for wellness that every business needs.

Brâam and Sustainable responsibility

One of the things that sets Brâam apart from other brands, is the way they do business. They don't just aim to distribute their products, but actually put a focus on the impact that their products have on working people.

When it comes to healthy food and quality products, their products are either from organic farming or from local and responsible farms.

braam products

A reduced carbon footprint

Another element that Brâam focuses on is reducing its carbon footprint to have a direct impact on the environment. When it comes to deliveries, they prefer to use delivery service trucks that run on city natural gas.

And of course, Eco packaging was a must.

Brâam tries to make its packaging more eco-responsible in order to promote recycling. That's why they opted for Packhelp's Sleeved Mailer Boxes.

These are made from 90% recycled Kraft and are fully recyclable. Plus, the paperboard sleeve is also recyclable.

These 2 elements create a match made in heaven for brands looking for sustainable and stylish packaging.

slevved mailer box by braam

Making a difference beyond the office

One of Brâam's most popular products is its antibacterial gel from the brand UMANO, which is delivered without contact. Brâam distributes 100% of UMANO profits to Astrée, an organisation that fights against the isolation of people.

Brâam has also created a press relations box to support their marketing efforts and expand their brand awareness.

custom packaging for braam by packhelp

And Brâam told us that they were very satisfied with the quality of the boxes.

In terms of design, Brâam has chosen a minimalist design with the logo of UMANO in the centre. To represent their antibacterial gel, there's a droplet being collected in between 2 hands. Simple and efficient.

And Brâam still has some great projects in the pipeline. The wellness brand is already doing a lot, but it wants to go further.

Currently, they're working on a 100% zero waste cafeteria solution for businesses. This is a great solution to try to combat food waste, packaging waste, and of course, help people remain healthy.

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