Sustainable Fashion: Dackelclub Berlin


A dachshund inspired brand and packaging story.

We're always curious about the different wonderful products that are sent with our custom packaging. So we're excited to share some of these inspiring stories with you.

In this story, we want to introduce you to Dackelclub Berlin and its founder Selyna.

We met with her for a conversation and were really inspired by her passion for fashion and especially for dachshunds.

Dackelclub Berlin is a fashion brand that is dedicated to one of the cutest dog breeds. It's an interesting niche for a brand, and the story behind it is just as inspiring.

founder of the german brand dackelclub

Packhelp: Hi Selyna - The begin today, we want to know why dachshunds? Where does the love for dachshunds come from?

Selyna: I grew up with a dachshund myself and always wanted my own dachshund.

But the inflexibility in jobs and lack of time have unfortunately been in the way so far. So the idea arose to set up my own label and to put the dachshund as the inspiration for the brand to create a dachshund community.

Packhelp: Wait, does that mean you don't even have your own dachshund?

Selyna: Not yet, but I'm working on it! it will be soon!

organic cotton shirt from dackelclub

PH: What about Dackelclub Berlin? How did it begin?

Selyna: DACKELCLUB BERLIN is a sustainable lifestyle brand for dogs and humans alike. It was founded at the end of 2019. So far, I run the label independently but have many friends and acquaintances who support me. To the moment we sell hoodies, sweaters, and t-shirts with Dachshund designs.

Packhelp: Where did you get the inspiration to create your own fashion line?

Selyna: I studied business administration and along the way I came across the fashion industry through an internship

After my studies, I worked both in retail and online business in textile purchasing. As I worked in a fashion & lifestyle startup, I learned a lot about “online shops” and also gained important insights into the production and marketing of textiles. This laid the foundation for a separate fashion label.

Packhelp: What were your biggest challenges in building your own brand?

Selyna: At the beginning, there are a lot of questions as well as tasks that you have to figure out along the way. For example, I realized the first time that I should have approached opening the shop differently and decided to start all over again.

It was important that I set a realistic deadline to open the shop and that it was better to start imperfectly than not at all. Currently, I'm very happy with how things are going and try to improve every day.

Packhelp: Your website says you are a sustainable producer, can you tell us a little bit about why this is important to you?

Selyna: In addition to the dachshund, sustainability, fair trade and local production are part of the Dackhelclub Berlin DNA.

I want my brand to set a good example and to show an alternative path to fast fashion. That's why I rely on sustainable raw materials and recycled materials. The cotton used consists of 100% organic cotton and the polyester used is sourced from recycled plastic.

custom packaging for Dackelclub

In addition, all products have their own certifications to environmental claims we promote.

The regional connection to Berlin is also important to me. That's why all of the embroidered designs are done in a small company here in berlin.

Packhelp: What tips would you give young people who are also trying to build their own brands?

Selyna: Learn as much as you can. Sit down with people who were once where you are now and learn from them. And don't wait too long. Get started wherever you are. It doesn't take a lot of start-up capital to get started, just courage and ambition.

Packhelp: What are the next steps for your Dackelclub Berlin?

Selyna: We'll see where it all goes. One of the things in planning is a sustainably & fairly produced collection for dogs.

eco white mailer box from dackelclub

Packhelp: That sounds exciting! Finally, how did you come across Packhelp and which of our products do you use?

Selyna: Packhelp offers sustainable packaging that perfectly fit the values of Dackelclub Berlin. I opted for the Eco-White Mailer Box. I also loved how simple it was to create my own design in a few simple clicks. The small quantities were also a big plus for me.

As my brand grows I would love to grow with Packhelp and try out different packaging, sizes, and quantities.

All in all, you can say that Packhelp's unique offer fulfilled all of my needs.

Now it's your turn! Unleash your creativity and start creating your own custom packaging here.