Subscription mailer boxes for coffee: Dak Coffee Roasters


How about the ultimate Coffee Unboxing Experience, but in the form of a box?

Read the inspirational story behind Dak Coffee Roasters, serving coffee like never before.

the coffee experience from dak coffee roasters

Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, and sweet as love.

That is how some might describe coffee, an exquisite experience. And this is how Dak Coffee Roasters came to life.

The Founder of Dak Coffee Roasters, Louis-Philippe Boucher has been an avid coffee drinker for much of his life. He used to be one of those guys that put tons of sugar and milk into his coffee. That was until he moved to Milan. There he met Italian Espresso and his life changed forever.

A newly developed passion for coffee motivated him to create Dak Coffee Roasters, a company where he could share the experience of coffee with the world.

“Much like with wine and beer, I want people to discover the breadth and understand the complexity of flavours that coffee can offer.”

dak coffee roasters founder jean phillipe

Dak Coffee Roasters: The New Subscription Box

Louis-Philippe’s vision to create a flavourful experience around coffee was born through the uniqueness of Dak Coffee Roasters. From the very beginning, it was very clear that simply selling coffee was not the goal, but rather to offer a total coffee experience. 

Louis-Philippe wanted people to learn about different roasts, aromas and coffee regions. Moreso, he wanted those interested to be able to appreciate coffee from the comfort of their home.

“I truly believe that every coffee beverage is unique in its own way and deserves a dedicated roast that celebrates it.”

To create this experience, Dak Coffee Roasters coffee is sold as a subscription box service. Coffee lovers can subscribe to the monthly box, where they can choose between the classic roasts or the surprise roasters choice.

Customers can choose between speciality filter or espresso coffee, as well as the quantity and weight of bags that they prefer.

dak coffee roasters

They also offer the Customers also have the opportunity to only purchase coffee right then and there without the commitment of the subscription box. The subscription box service can also be paused at any moment with any extra fees.

Dak Coffee Roasters has the whole subscription box service deal figured out.

But aside from offering a distinct service to coffee drinkers, what else makes Dak Coffee Roasters so unique?

Let’s take a closer look.

Coffee and Sustainability

Dak Coffee Roasters offers filter and espresso coffee purchased from many countries in the world. They currently source coffee from Rwanda, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Indonesia. They take a lot of pride in the fact that their coffee is ethically sourced. They don’t only want their coffee to be delicious, but for it to come from places where farmers are paid a fair wage and are able to afford decent living conditions.

dak coffe roasters company founder brewing coffee

“It is important to us that the farmers we work with are paid their fair share of money and can afford good living conditions. We only partner with importers that share our values, work with exclusive lots and do extensive background research on the farms.” - says Louis-Philippe.

The Uninterrupted Sustainable Brand

A crucial element to the success of Dak Coffee Roasters subscription boxes is their packaging. Being a product that is delivered to people’s home on a monthly basis, they needed to create a first impression that stays in the mind of their consumer.

“While designing our packaging, we wanted to create a box that is visually appealing and would spark excitement for our customers when they receive it. It was also important that the boxes reflect our company values in terms of sustainability and environmental impact”.

Dak Coffee Roasters used Packhelp’s Eco White Mailer Box to create a design that kept up with the brand’s image; minimalist yet bold. Being a brand that is trying to reduce its carbon footprint, this was also the perfect choice for them. 

The Eco White Mailer box is made of 90% recycled materials, and the designs are printed with water-based ink. It is the best eco-friendly option for brands that are environmentally conscious and want to show their sustainable values in every detail, like Dak Coffee Roasters.

unboxing dak coffee roasters

The Power of Coffee

Coffee connects us in many ways - to ourselves, loved ones and to others around the world. With its exotic flavours, eco-friendly unboxing experience and bold branding, Dak Coffee Roasters has the ingredients to become a leader in the coffee subscription box world. The brand's speciality coffee is all about enjoying the experience, all the way from the flavours and aromas, to simply of opening the box.