Branded mailer boxes: Innocence Paris


Innocence is a Parisian brand, which offers a very unique product to its clients. In order to cherish the best moments captured by a camera, Innocence creates magazines, journals, and notebooks with the photos that their clients provide. The packaging they chose to use in their product was Eco Mailer Boxes.

innocence Paris

We live in the times, when photos are almost everywhere. With the rise of social media (Instagram particularly), there are tons of fantastic photos out there, as well as ways to create something special with them.

This is what Innocence from Paris uses in their offer. In order to capture the very essence of the most cherished moments, the photos are reinvented in a form of elegant, beautifully designed albums, notebooks, and other types printing forms.

“Our products evoke emotions. A smile, a tear, a burst of laughter, a nod at the moment of opening the album. There are just so many reasons we have created Innocence.”

Praising the minimalism

The packaging solution used by Innocence rejects colorful prints or flashiness. The company’s primary idea in their design is to sustain the same spirit of elegance as the product. The imprint is limited to the logo of the company, reminding of a handwritten signature, as in a letter. It beautifully pictures the personalization of the product. The minimalist boxes are ones to fall in love with.

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