Eco color mailer boxes: Eco Beauty Wellness


What's more relaxing than a day in a spa? The founders of the Finnish company Eco Beauty Wellness travel around the world in their never-ending pursuit after the highest-quality ingredients and cosmetics. In that way, they deliver the best products to their customers, who can enjoy a day in the Finnish spa and purchase premium cosmetics in one place. The packaging of Eco Beauty Wellness serves as a premium solution for the beauty store.

packaging of eco beauty wellness

The Power of Beauty

Spa salons, clean air spaces and beauty centres are a thriving business. In the heat of smartphones buzzing 24/7 and work getting tougher, such an oasis is a much-needed rest and a great opportunity to start your own company.

Eco Beauty Wellness is one of such peaceful places. The company's store is located in Helsinki and works as a clean air salon and a beauty shop.

Eco Beauty Wellness is a Finnish distributor and retailer company that seeks only luxury organic cosmetics. We are searching all over the planet for the finest, healthiest and the highest possible quality as we are committed to providing our customers and retailers with nothing but the best alternatives for commercial cosmetics.  

The company boasts a distribution chain too. As Aila from Eco Beauty Wellness told us,

"Our brands are sold all over Finland through a wide range of retailers including spa, salons, beauty stores, health & beauty stores, online-shops, pharmacies, and department stores."


packaging of eco beauty wellness

Apart from the retail store, Eco Beauty Wellness sells its range of products in an e-shop.

"Currently, our organic catalogue contains high-quality brands such as John Masters Organics, Kahina Giving Beauty, Dr Alkaitis, Herbfarmacy Uk, One Seed, Studio 78 Paris, 1001 Remedies UK and Nailberry UK. They are our discoveries from all over the world."


The packaging of Eco Beauty Wellness

A fair share of Eco Beauty Wellness' business model is the retail beauty shop, where the company sells cosmetics of various brands. Since the Finnish shop is a premium brand itself, it reached for an equally upscale packaging.

Each box of Eco Beauty Wellness is a meticulously designed piece of great graphic design.

packaging of eco beauty wellness

Most importantly, the packaging of Eco Beauty Wellness combines solid branding and a memorable, artsy vibe, without sacrificing one for another. Printing space is used in a clever way so that the company's logo attracts attention but there is much more than what meets the eye at first sight.

Moreover, it's an interesting case of abstract design, which imbues the whole box with an unprecedented style. It's a mix of contemporary graphic design style, with just a drop of minimalism. Thanks to the warm colours mixed with black dots and texts sprayed on the surface, the box design is an intriguing and instantly creates a feeling of a premium product.

packaging of eco beauty wellness

In the end, this extraordinary packaging design corresponds with the interior design of the store and adds to the atmosphere created in Eco Beauty Wellness. A premium service, build on the grounds of the highest-quality products, required a premium packaging solution that would capture the premium essence of the brand.

If you're looking for an original idea for your wellbeing supplement packaging, this might be your inspiration.