SUNAD is a Spanish brand based in Madrid that has brought classic and timeless garments back in style.

Their brand offers products based on natural fibres, handcrafted designs and slow fashion garments to evoke the free spirit of the wind in the desert and the contemporary fashion style of the 70s.

clothing from the brand sunad

The creative souls behind this project are Ana and Paloma, two women from Madrid who met in Paris and New York while working in graphic design and interior design.

Despite the recession they had to face in Spain, they decided to return to their homeland to fight for this dream and, thus, contribute to the textile tradition of their country.

Here are more details about this sustainable brand, including their packaging story and how it became a part of SUNAD.

The beginnings of SUNAD

Prior to SUNAD, Paloma and Ana had a hard time finding women's shirts made in Spain with 100% natural fabrics. Not fans of fast-fashion and artificial fabrics, they found a market gap with an opportunity to be filled. This prompted them to launch their first collection in 2015.

“Today we not only design shirts, but we also make more complete collections with pants, dresses, jackets, etc., with a timeless design and 100% natural fabrics ”.

Ana and Paloma have the goal of creating pieces that stand the test of time and are always present in our wardrobes.

natural garment by sunad

They also know that brand awareness is an important aspect that must be taken care of. Instagram has become one of their main platforms to tell their story, present the collections and connect with customers.

They also try to collaborate with artists, photographers and other brands to create content and, together, reach more users.

Clothes wrapped in a light and natural packaging

Paloma and Ana knew that they had to find a packaging made from sustainable materials and that had the least possible impact on the planet.

expandable kraft mailer for sunad by packhelp

And at Packhelp they found the ideal solution for SUNAD; the Expandable Kraft Mailer.

“By designing garments with 100% natural fabrics, our packaging had to match these values. And luckily, Packhelp is a  European company, helping us reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible ”.

As an online brand, SUNAD uses Kraft Mailers to ship all of their orders in a safe and stylish way.

sustainable packaging by packhelp

Expandable Kraft Mailers are made from recycled kraft paper and can be recycled after use. Buy yours here.

A brand faithful to sustainability ​​and slow fashion

SUNAD was built on a slow fashion philosophy. And they make sure to reflect this throughout all of the brand's touchpoints with customers.

As said by Paloma and Ana, their brand intends to remain faithful to natural fabrics, to produce locally, and to design collections that do not go out of style.

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