Custom packaging for Graphic design: Will Mower Design


At Packhelp we love to learn the unique stories about the people who create incredible brands.

Today's story brought us to Will Mower, a graphic designer from the UK who has been defining himself as an artist in the industry.

His brand is an example of how personalized packaging can create a positive impact on any type of brand when your design is taken to another level.

will mower packing his stamp kit in a custom box

Turning a passion into a business

Will Mower makes a living as a freelance graphic designer and artist. In addition to this, he shares a passion for the art of printing.

For the past several years, he has been experimenting with using a set of laser-cut rubber stamps designed in a variety of simple geometric shapes to create large, eye-catching prints.

Especially when it comes to typography, stamps lend themselves very well.

"It's really nice to experiment with the process, so last year I started exploring ways to create a smaller, more accessible set that focused on playing with letter shapes and printing typographical posters."

This led him to create the Alpha-Set.

The Alpha-Set is a 16-piece modular letterpress kit with rubber stamps. The game is packaged with a 'type book' to provide a guide on how to make a simple alphabet using the game. All pieces are assembled and packaged by Will himself.

alpha set from will mower in custom insert

Packaging that made the difference

When Will was on the hunt for packaging, he wanted to make sure the packaging did more than expected.

"I wanted to make sure the packaging functioned as a house for the stamp set rather than something that would be thrown away after delivery."

In such a way, within the packaging, he created a cardboard insert that goes inside the box, in which each of its pieces fits perfectly. The packaging then serves a double use, to ship and to store.

This not only keeps the game tidy and organised but also creates a more enjoyable experience, just like opening a box of chocolates. And this experience is relived every time the box is opened, since each piece is stored in its place, in its own cardboard box.

eco mailer box designed by will mower

A simple, elegant and memorable packaging design

Will Mower considers himself a fan of simplicity within design. Naturally, our Eco Mailer Boxes worked perfectly, as they are the ideal size for the number of items in the set.

Start designing your own Eco Mailer Boxes here.

And the black ink printing on the cardboard was the perfect final touch for the design he had in mind.

"For me, the main thing was to make sure the design made it clear that it was a 'kit', something to pick up and play with rather than something too precious that would sit on a shelf collecting dust."

The future for Will Mower

More recently, Will has been looking for editors to help him improve his set. He has also been working on a possible idea to create a set to be used in schools and universities.

eco mailer box from will mower design

In terms of custom packaging, Will is considering exploring some of the other packaging options he has seen at Packhelp, such as the Sleeved Mailer Box.

As interest in his printing kits grows, there is no doubt that improving the packaging is an excellent option to elevate the experience with the products, but with the brand itself.