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Starting today, we’re adding product boxes to our offer. Available in a classic or two piece version, they fit perfectly on a store shelf and can be used as gift boxes. Surely you’ll like them.

Product boxes constitute an entirely new category of packaging in our offer. Made with an elegant, coated paper, they’d been created to ensure the exposure of your products on a store shelf or exhibitions as well as to facilitate gift packing. Product boxes are the smallest packages in our offer. They complement shipping boxes perfectly, which serve to ship larger quantities and mailer boxes that are made for shipment and storing larger products.

Product boxes are available in two versions – classic and two piece. Classic product boxes are available in three sizes and can be used as a package for perfumes, socks, underwear or a T-shirt.

product boxes

Two piece product boxes are available in six sizes. They’re perfect for jewellery, various accessories such as cufflinks, ties, sunglasses, smartphone accessories and other tiny details which require an elegant packaging.

Wish to pack a cake, a cupcake, a donut or a muffin? Our product boxes are made with Chromocard and Arktika paper (made in Sweden and Poland respectively), which are safe to use with food. Both boxes have the certificate of ISEGA German Institute.

While speaking of elegance, we cannot neglect the role of an overprint. Product boxes may be customized with a colored CMYK overprint, both inside and outside the box. As per standard, we’re offering them with a white interior, but as an additional option you can also use a colored interior. The design is entirely up to you – you can choose a monocolor overprint, hidden message or a Monet-inspired impression (because why not!). We guarantee that the image will be of superior quality. And if you want to pack food in our boxes, we recommend leaving its interior blank.

Designing the box’s interior is available only in the dieline mode, and you can read more about it here. Important note: at the moment, only the classic boxes can be designed in our online editor. When it comes to two piece boxes, we provide you with an additional dieline so you can design the box on your own in your favourite software. These are only temporary restrictions – more options will be available shortly in our box editor.

What’s with the ordering? No changes here. You can order product boxes starting from 30 pieces and the processing takes 14 days plus delivery. Small batch? Limited Christmas edition? A collection created by a guest designer? Or maybe you just want to make sure that your design is a good idea before you order hundreds or thousands of boxes? No worries. Order 30, 60, 90 or even 2500 pieces and they’ll be ready for pick-up after 14 days.

product box

If you’re looking for more info or a source of inspiration, visit our brand new website – you can get to know the exact dimensions of our boxes, read more about the possibilities of print and additional finishing options, or discover our clients and their stories. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired with the way Coffee Republic uses their mailer boxes? Or you’ll want to use our boxes to make welcome packs for your new employees, like the software house Move Closer does?

You can find out more about our products here: classic product boxes, two piece product boxes. If you need technical information and advice, visit the help section on our website. And if you have questions, please use the chat window at the bottom of the page in the right corner. Our customer service will be more than happy to help you.

P.S. and then there’s more! We’ll be introducing new products to our offer – poly mailers, envelopes and tapes. Our goal is to share the extensive packaging offer which will respond to all your potential needs.





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product box

Introducing Product Boxes!

We’re introducing Product Boxes! Available in a classic or two piece version, they fit perfectly on a store shelf and can be used as gift boxes.


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