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Giving family and friends the perfect present for Christmas is gradually becoming one of the hardest things people have to deal with in the 21st century.

A lot of people struggle with buying holidays gifts so much that we had to create a gift guide to help them with the decision making process. But with so many gift ideas to choose from, and to avoid the risk of giving a useless gift, a lot of people are considering going the safe route – giving out gift cards as Christmas presents.

In fact, a 2016 study revealed that 73% of consumers said they were planning on purchasing gift cards this holiday season. We will reveal below reasons why gift cards make great Christmas presents.

3 Reasons Why Gift Cards Make a Great Gift

  1. They are easy to purchase - They are available at literally every business establishment you can think of, including supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants, drug stores, grocery stores and even some spas. You simply need to just walk in, pick one up, load it with cash and viola – you have a gift.
  2. They give purchasing control – Gift cards are the equivalent of giving out a blank cheque. You are in basically giving control to the recipient to buy whatever they want with your gift card. And people generally love this. A study recently revealed that 85 percent of consumers prefer to receive a $25 gift card rather than a $30 gift. This clearly indicates that people would rather have control over what they get as a holiday gift.
  3. They offer unique experiences - Finally, gift cards are a great way to give your loved ones a sense of luxury or excitement by introducing them to a brand or experience they may never have thought of before. Examples are giving them a gift card for a spa treatment [including a massage, facials, manicure, and pedicure], an exclusive event or to a lovely clothing store.

packaging for gift cards

With so many benefits, it is unlikely that giving out gift cards for Christmas will go away anytime soon. If anything, the trend is more likely to increase as more people prefer to give control to their loved ones to buy gifts that will make them truly happy this Christmas instead of worrying over getting them the perfect gift.

Choosing the Best Packaging for Gift Cards this Christmas

While it cannot be disputed that gift cards are the most effective way to please everyone, you can go a long way to make your gift card look much more presentable by putting some thoughts into the Christmas packaging for your gift cards.

Although there are a lot of creative ways to present gift cards, they are mostly DIY and involve a lot of work to accomplish. Although you may manage to create some cute ones after many trial and errors, it is always better to purchase a well-made, elegant-looking and beautifully designed packaging that will excite whoever is going to get your gift card.

A great example of the best packaging you use for your gift cards this Christmas is our Two Piece Product Boxes. They are beautiful, compact and efficient. It is sure to make whoever got the present excited to unwrap the gift.

product boxes


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