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Custom dieline maker, dieboard sheet layout optimizer, die-cut blade cost calculator. Packaging Toolbox from Packhelp

Packaging Toolbox

A lightweight suite of tools designed to optimise packaging design, sales and production processes.

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Scalable workflow optimisations

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A worker standing in a supply chain packaging production facility.

Automate and empower the most critical processes related to packaging production

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Custom dieline generator

Choose a box template to create custom-sized dielines in seconds.

Dieboard layout optimizer

Discover the most efficient sheet layout. Works with any sheet and die size.

Instant cost estimation

Optimize the die-cut cost in seconds. Limit the blade's length. Coming soon.

Pre-flights & Imposition

Guarantee high-quality, error-free files while saving time. Coming soon.

A few clicks to create a custom size dieline

Stop waiting for your packaging designer to send over new files. Speed up the quoting process by generating new dielines yourself. Choose from a variety of internationally recognised box templates. Access and configure advanced features such as material thickness yourself.

Generate custom dieline
Custom size dielines maker, generate dielines for free, Packaging Toolbox by Packhelp

Optimise the layout for any sheet size, die-cut cost or maximum blade length

The layout tool becomes indispensable during cost estimation and final production planning. Based on the chosen product type and sheet dimensions, generate the most money-saving, eco-friendly layout for any sheet size. Calculate the local die-cut cost based on the computed blade's length.

Generate optimal layout
Optimize custom sheet, dieboard layout, calculate cost, blade length. Packaging Toolbox from Packhelp

Automate processes with Packaging Toolbox

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