Packhelp x SINGULART

Aleksandra Owczarek
Aleksandra Owczarek | 5 min read

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SINGULART and Packhelp Forge Innovative Partnership to Revolutionise Art Packaging and Fulfilment


SINGULART, a leading online art gallery, and Packhelp, a pioneer in custom packaging solutions, are thrilled to announce their partnership aimed at transforming the art packaging and delivery experience. This collaboration introduces a bespoke online purchasing platform designed to streamline the packaging procurement process for SINGULART’s network of artists and galleries, underscoring a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and exceptional customer service.


Innovative Online Purchasing Platform

At the heart of this partnership is a dedicated online platform, expertly crafted to empower SINGULART merchants with the ability to easily order art-specific packaging. This initiative is set to significantly enhance the efficiency of the purchasing process, allowing merchants to focus on their art while ensuring their creations are protected during shipping and beautifully presented to the end customers.


Branded Packaging Store and Operational Excellence

Packhelp brings to the partnership its expertise in creating a packaging store that elevates the ordering experience. Managed by Packhelp’s team of experts, the store’s backend allows for flexible management of the packaging offerings, enabling quick product introductions and promotional campaigns. Integration with Packhelp's fulfilment platform ensures that orders are automatically synced and processed through automated flows, relieving the SINGULART team from logistical burdens and streamlining operations.


Artist-Centric Approach

The collaboration between SINGULART and Packhelp revolutionises the art delivery process for artists by prioritizing the safety and timeliness of each shipment. A unified packaging offer sets new industry standards offering a cohesive brand experience that reflects the quality and care SINGULART stands for. This strategic approach not only safeguards the physical integrity of the art during transit but also enhances customer satisfaction by delivering a consistently superior unboxing experience, making the acquisition of art as reliable as it is memorable.


Collector-Focused Benefits

For collectors, the collaboration between SINGULART and Packhelp revolutionises the unboxing experience, turning art delivery into an event of anticipation and joy. The secure and aesthetically pleasing packaging guarantees that each piece of art arrives in pristine condition, offering collectors peace of mind regarding the safety and presentation of their investment. This attention to detail in packaging not only safeguards the artwork during transit but also elevates the moment of unveiling, creating a deeply satisfying and immersive experience for art enthusiasts.


A Shared Vision for the Future

Both SINGULART and Packhelp are excited about the future possibilities this partnership holds. By combining SINGULART’S expansive art marketplace with Packhelp's innovative packaging solutions, this collaboration sets a new standard in the art collection and delivery experience, promising to bring joy and satisfaction to artists and collectors alike.


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