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Podcast: ‘Clothes are a powerful tool for politics and expression’ – Jetpack, Ep.6 with Sophie Slater of Birdsong

Aleksandra Owczarek
Aleksandra Owczarek | 5 min read

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We're back with The Jetpack, podcast powered by Packhelp & hosted by our Head of Content, Kajetan Wyrzykowski.

As a guest of episode #6, we invited Sophie Slater, a passionate entrepreneur whose zeal and energy resulted in Birdsong - a mission-focused, slow fashion brand. Kajetan chatted with Sophie about branding that goes beyond the ordinary. By embracing slow fashion and making sure that every garment has its own soul, Birdsong reflects Sophie's attitude - it's a brand for people who care.

Clothes are a powerful tool for politics, expression.

Sophie also told us about her path to becoming featured in The Guardian, Vogue, Refiner29 & other major media outlets. Growing up in the post-industrial UK, Sophie understood the local dimension of business, how many brands grew on the small scale. Her story is full of protests, politics, but also art and passion, all encompassed by her brand.

Click below to listen the full conversation.


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