Rigid Box With Lid

A luxurious form of packaging capped of with a lid. Fully customisable to present your product to the world.
A stunning first impression

A stunning first impression

High-quality materials and finishes create a memorable unboxing experience.
Premium quality for your premium product

Premium quality for your premium product

High-quality materials and finishes create an elegant touch your product packaging.
Completely personalised

Completely personalised

Add hot stamping, embossing, and UV finish options to stay in your customer’s mind
The Rigid Box with Lid has customization and wow built-in so your customer’s first unboxing experience won’t be their last.
  • Multisized setup boxes made from solid board (1-3 mm) with paper-wrap (70-300 gsm)
  • Custom finishes, partitions and add-ons for a finely-tuned unboxing experience
  • Inside & outside offset printing for the complete branding experience
Biotika found a home for 100 product combinations with 4 optimised delivery boxes.

See how Packhelp assisted the D2C candle producer by:

  • Standardizing their packaging range and lowering fixed costs by 12%
  • Engineering in reusability into a sturdy design made from 90% recycled content
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“Packhelp simplified our packaging needs and found us savings, which we could redirect to our brand development.”
Małgorzata Adamska, CEO Biotika

Unrivaled class and grandeur

Rigid boxes with a lid are the classic form of packaging for high-end products and are the best way to create a positive first impression. 

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Security and branding combined

Two-piece rigid boxes bring together aesthetics as well as security. The rigid greyboard can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. 

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Sample packs

Sample packs

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Available materials

Solid Cardboard

A structure of solid board (1-3 mm) layered with a chalk, mass-dyed or kraft paper-wrap (70-300 gsm) for colour and/or branding. Available with a white, black, kraft or custom-printed internal lining.


Available materials

Solid Cardboard

A structure of solid board (1-3 mm) layered with a chalk, mass-dyed or kraft paper-wrap (70-300 gsm) for colour and/or branding. Available with a white, black, kraft or custom-printed internal lining.

rigid solid bookbinding cardboard
Material colour
Standard Brown
solid board - 1.5 mm (circa 950 g/m2) or 2 mm (circa 1200 g/m2 for bigger boxes)
Colour options
Printing process
Offset printing
Additional finishes
debossing, HS, UV print
Customer Stories

Rigid box with lids for hair supplements

Designer Packaging: Oase

Oase hair supplements teamed up with Pachkelp to create a highly-customised two-piece product box. Using minimalistic branding, hot-stamping, and paying extreme attention to the finest details, Oase launched their high-end supplements in product packaging that connected with a customer and created an unparalleled touch-point.

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How can I order a two-piece setup box?

As there are so many variables when it comes to a rigid box with lid, each order is completely customised. To find out more about Packhelp’s luxury packaging, please send us a brief and we’ll get back to you will all the needed information. 

Can you design rigid boxes in Packhelp’s online editor?

No, that’s not possible, as every element of a rigid box is entirely customisable. You’re sent many prototype iterations of your rigid boxes. This ensures that it’s designed precisely how you want it, before placing your order.

What’s the minimum quantity order for two-piece rigid boxes?

The minimum order quantity for two-piece rigid setup boxes is 1000 pieces. We sell these boxes wholesale to ensure that you pay the lowest price possible.

What are the most common uses for rigid boxes?

Two-piece rigid boxes are used as luxury packaging for high-end items. Jewellery, cosmetics, Haute couture and many other instances. Most commonly, where conveying the premium quality of a product needs equality premium packaging. These boxes are also widely used as custom gift boxes for birthdays and other special occasions.

Can you use rigid boxes for shipping?

Yes, you can. These setup boxes are made from thick greyboard, which is a form of solidified paper pulp. This makes them even safer for shipping than the traditional corrugated cardboard box. There are, but 2 other factors to consider. All forms of rigid boxes are quite heavy in comparison to other packaging alternatives. Also, without the use of tape or another form of packaging, there’s nothing stopping the two pieces of your packaging from opening during transit. For this reason, you may want to ship your rigid box inside a soft mailing bag.

Can rigid boxes be customised inside?

Yes, they can! It’s possible to have an internal print on the inside of your rigid setup box. Your box can have the same texture that appears on the outside brought into the interior. This creates a stunning unboxing experience or a gorgeous gift box for many occasions. We can also create foam and printed paper inserts to cradle your product. Note that by default, the inside of a rigid setup box is white.

Do these boxes need to be assembled?

No, aside from separate inserts, our quality control team sends you your boxes assembled, ready to use. 

Are these boxes more expensive than other options?

In general, yes they are. This is because each two-piece rigid box order is completely customised. Each order requires thick material, advanced machinery, and has a high shipping cost as they are not flat-packed. While they’re the most expensive option, they’re also the most luxurious and premium packaging option.

What’s the largest size that these boxes can be?

The size limitations are around 40cm in length and width, and 20cm in height for rigid boxes. Above these sizes, it’s better to use a corrugated box.

Are these boxes eco-friendly?

While the cardboard that’s used in rigid boxes (greyboard) is generally made from recycled material and fully recyclable, many finishes and extras used in rigid boxes are neither recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. 

What kind of inserts can be put in a rigid box with lid?

Just about any type of insert can be made for your rigid boxes. The most common inserts are foam and cardboard inserts. 

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