Packaging consulting

Whether you’d like to reduce material costs, improve the quality of your packaging or opt for a more eco-friendly alternative, our packaging consulting team has your back.

Conscious packaging

Lead by example & reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Cost Reduction

Save on material and freight costs by reducing material and space.

Product Protection

Keep your products well protected and lower damage costs.

Types of consulting

Cost optimisation

Our experts will lower the ongoing cost of your custom packaging by identifying cost-effective manufacturers and efficient materials and fine-tuning your existing supply chain.
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Cost optimisation

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established business, our packaging consulting experts will create a cost-effective plan suitable for your needs. Our expertise in value engineering packaging unlocks savings potential in all areas of your business, from packaging design to production & logistics. 

  • packaging operations, material & fulfilment optimisations
  • better use of warehouse space with the unification of SKUs
  • a straightforward & manageable packaging portfolio 
  • complex analyses of graphic design elements to cut down on costs

Packaging engineering

We give propositions of new concepts for your packaging with 3D mock-ups and/or physical prototypes.
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Packaging engineering

With extensive experience in delivering some of the most challenging designs for our customers, our packaging consulting experts will assess, analyse & identify areas of improvement. Our promise is cheaper, safer & sustainable packaging designs that don’t compromise quality.

  • tailored solutions to your business goals & needs
  • expert-level testing, prototyping & visualisation 
  • packaging research & new product development
  • excellent packaging properties based on material science

Sustainability consulting

Meet increasingly strict packaging regulations and build a more conscious brand with the guidance of our sustainability experts.
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Sustainability consulting

We will listen to your needs and provide transparent advice & affordable solutions for the best sustainable packaging that matches your product. Our global packaging consulting experts will help you meet increasingly strict packaging regulations regardless of the market you?re operating on.

  • an initial sustainability assessment of your packaging
  • development of packaging compliant with environmental schemes such as the Packaging Waste Regulations 
  • proficient use of sustainable materials & best practices 
  • packaging created & produced following Eco Design models

Quality standards

We provide precise quality standards to guide packing processes in your logistics or fulfilment centre and enable quality checks.
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Quality standards

Meet the highest quality standards & increase your business efficiency with the help of our team of packaging consulting experts. We understand that your product safety is crucial, and we ensure every item is carefully tested and checked before making its way to you.

  • easy navigation through Packaging Quality Standards 
  • guided tour of the Accepted Quality Levels (AQL?s) of your packaging
  • development of measures to ensure superior packaging quality
  • high-quality grade control from top to bottom

When you choose Packhelp, you employ an entire assembly of experts ready to level up your packaging game

Our experienced technicians will design & test all the packaging features so that you enjoy a superior product. A team of logistic specialists will manage the lifecycle of your product, from its creation to distribution & quality control analysts will carefully inspect your packaging details for a spotless customer experience.

We work with sustainability consultants so that you can create a guilt-free unboxing experience, while our marketing specialists ensure you benefit from all the available tools to packvertise right!

Consult our Experts

Select your packaging consulting plan & let’s create an outstanding product together

For aspiring brands

Basic Plan

We start with a detailed briefing call & follow up with an in-depth report on packaging optimisations. This type of basic project can take up to 4 weeks.

€999.00 up to 3 products

Choose Basic

Exemplary scope:

  • Initial material & technology research
  • Packaging sample collection & analysis
  • Basic cost optimisation
  • Sustainability assessment

For larger businesses

Pro Plan

You receive ongoing support & we generate an extensive report on your packaging specifications and detailed price estimations.

Individual quotation for more than 3 products

Choose Pro

Exemplary scope:

  • Initial material & technology research
  • Packaging sample collection & analysis
  • Advanced cost optimisation 
  • Sustainability assessment 
  • New packaging development with prototyping 
  • An off-site audit by our packaging experts 
  • Supplier search & selection
  • Best price quotations 
  • Collaborative workshops

Our happy clients

“Packhelp has given us the possibility to develop a box that matches our product, and at a more than reasonable price. Our usual vendors weren't proactive in making changes and Packhelp was the quickest to respond to our needs. We also appreciate the attention and care of their sales team.”

“We decided to partner with Packhelp thanks to the fast and flexible solution to our branded boxes for shipping our products. There is a lot of transparency and communication at all times.”

“We only like to partner with brands that share our sustainability values. This is why we decided to only offer iPhones, and partnered with Pela for phone cases. That’s also one of the main reasons why we chose Packhelp to design our packaging; we share lots of the same values.”

How packaging consulting can help you

Be better at packaging

Amaze your customers with a superior product experience thanks to our dedicated structural design service. Packvertise right & see yourself becoming a benchmark in your industry!

Stand-out from the crowd

An outstanding service, top to bottom, starts with your packaging & the services around it. Your dedicated full customer experience will make a memorable impression every step of the way.

Save money

Our packaging consulting experts have already helped 70% of our clients save up to 10% of their budgets. We create value packaging to decrease production costs and optimise your shipment & storage needs.

Make an eco statement

Reduce waste & minimise your business carbon emissions with the help of our sustainability experts. Stay ahead of your competitors & lead by example with the highest sustainability standards.

At Packhelp, we don’t see challenges. We see opportunities

Our London-based client presented the consulting team with an ambitious project that proved to be a chance to optimise their packaging strategy altogether. The immediate results? A sweet 11% decrease in packaging costs & 21% in packaging weight.

From packaging prototyping & visualisation to testing & quality control, our Raylo collaboration is an excellent all-rounder consulting service delivered by Packhelp.

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