Women’s Day 2024: insights and tips from women in business from three different perspectives

Karolina Bednarczyk
Karolina Bednarczyk | 5 min read

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This Women's Day, we want to celebrate the power, resilience and creativity of women by introducing some of our clients and colleagues and sharing their insights, tips, and experiences from the world of business. 

We’d like to present 3 different perspectives of 4 different women who are girl-bossing through their daily work lives. 

Sustainable premium boutique owners: Terri and Jenni from Cobblestone Avenida

Terri and Jenni are the owners of a mission-driven boutique that brings together the most sustainable and high-quality brands in Portugal. They’ve created a physical space where they showcase and promote the products of designers, artisans and entrepreneurs with the same sustainable and ethical values, and make the environmentally-friendly products more accessible. They sell clothes, jewellery, accessories, home decor and more.

We provide the brand with fully recyclable mailer boxes, paper bags, tissue papers and fillers. The owners appreciate Packhelp’s attention to sustainable options as it goes with their values. 

We asked them a couple of questions about their industry:

  • What advice would they give to fellow women entrepreneurs?

“Foster inner strength - confidence, resilience and self-love. That is, go forward knowing you are capable and competent, when things go wrong learn from those experiences but don't give in to them and be proudly humble. Above all, don't take yourself too seriously and have some fun no matter what you choose.”

  • How do you approach challenges?

“Challenges are a good thing. Challenges are a vehicle for learning.”

  • What keeps you motivated everyday?

“We are lifelong learners. Our curiosity keeps us motivated! Continually scanning the landscape for new brands, cutting-edge techniques, materials and processes is fascinating and humbling.”

We invite you to follow the journey of Cobblestone Avenida and get inspired by their mission, values and daily women power!

Online gallery Art Logistics Manager: Giulia Chiara from Singulart

Giulia is an International Art Logistics Manager at Singulart, an online gallery that gathers over 10,000 artists. She manages artworks shipments from artists to clients, guides artists through the shipping process, and collaborates with framers, and art restorers all over the world. 

As a logistics manager, Giulia also knows the packaging appropriate for artworks and their shipment. The art has to be packed most securely to ensure that it will arrive in perfect condition to the buyer. We provide Singulart custom-made, safe packaging. 

We asked Giulia how she manages her big responsibilities and approaches her everyday tasks:

  • What inspires you and keeps you motivated every day?

“Helping artists to spread their amazing art all over the world is what motivates me the most. Being part of the process that brings these artworks to new audiences is incredibly fulfilling and inspiring.”

  • What details or values do you prioritise in your work?

“Organisation and attention to detail are essentials in art logistics. I prioritise the safety and integrity of the artworks. But you know what really lights up my day? Building genuine connections with the artists. Collaborating with them adds that extra spark to the professional side, making the entire journey even more rewarding.”

  • What advice would you give to fellow women in business?

“For my fellow women in business, I would say: don't shy away from exploring and being bold. We might face hard challenges, but standing up for our rights and embracing our professionalism, intelligence, and awesomeness is key.”

We’re proud to collaborate with clients like Giulia and Singulart. This Women’s Day, and any day, follow the advice of Giulia - be bold, stand up for yourself, and go for what you want!

Our colleague, Production and Sustainability Manager at Packhelp: Agnieszka Zych

Aga Zych, our colleague and a long-time Packhelp employee, takes care of the production and sustainability matters. When asked about her advice to fellow women in business, Aga shared her thoughts with everyone who may need to hear it:

“My advice would be to not take life or work too seriously (unless you work in a hospital). Remember to take care of your health, physical and mental. Take a moment to go to a park, woods, nature and take a break from technology. Sometimes we all need to go back to the roots, and focus on what’s important in life - family, friends, our mind. With clear heads, we all grow and develop faster and more effectively.”

Different women, different occupations, but similarly inspiring insights, determination and mindsets.

This Women's Day, we wish all of you who are celebrating to believe in yourselves and go for what you want. You can do anything you put your mind to!


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