The Seam: Welcome to the culture of care

The Seam, a UK care and repair provider for fashion,needed a packaging that would make the customer’s items feel like new again.

The Steam started in 2019, inspired by a childhood spent with Layla Sargent’s grandmother, a lifelong seamstress. When Layla moved to London in 2019, without her grandmother nearby to tailor her wardrobe, she discovered the limited option when it came to alterations and repair services. Between the impersonal and offline nature of high street dry cleaners and the accessibility of Savile Row, Layla felt there was a gap for local, skilled seamstresses.
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Packaging that goes along with the circular mission of the company

The Seam wants to build an approach of caring for the clothes to extend their life cycle. Our loved pieces that fit well, can be always repaired and are still worn for a long time.

When it comes to packaging The Seam wanted to find a common ground for a sustainable, circular fashion, and the feeling of excitement when receiving a brand-new product.

To achieve that, the Makers place a personalised and signed hangtag on the finished product to give customers the feeling of a new garment. Additionally, Packhelp provides high-quality Expandable Kraft Mailers that make the packages feel high-quality and promising about the product inside.

The growing interest in sustainable solutions

The Seam is growing at a fast pace and attracts a lot of interest from both Makers and customers. The brand has grown 300% in 2023 and more than 10,000 booking inquiries were made on the platform for repairs, restoration, alterations and cleaning services.

Societies are becoming more eco-aware and individuals are looking for sustainable solutions that can be implemented in their everyday lives. The Seam gives the chance to prolong the life of the favourite pieces of clothing and save both money and the carbon footprint on frequently buying new garments.

The company is looking forward to making care & repair even more accessible in the future, and Packhelp is more than happy to be a part of this process.

Embracing the individual style

In a world of fast fashion and chain clothing shops, individuality and personal style can be difficult to achieve. Therefore, unique, vintage or simply favourite clothes should be worn with pride, and initiatives such as The Seam make this possible.

Individualism and sustainability are values that Packhelp also shares, which is why we are happy to collaborate on a project like The Seam by supplying our customised and eco-friendly Expandable Kraft Mailers and personalised labels.


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