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Compostable Doypacks

Design your stand-up pouch from scratch with a choice of colours, sealings & corner details. This flexible packaging is ideal for packing food, sweets and accessories.
icon packhelp - paint brush
Fully customisable
icon packhelp - paint brush

Fully customisable

Choose a style & customise from scratch. Multiple sizes, colours & add-ons available.
Conscious with nature

Conscious with nature

Industrially compostable in accordance with the EN13432 standard.
Protection guaranteed

Protection guaranteed

Coated kraft paper with a choice of sealing & corner details.


Available sustainable options:

When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, this product breaks down to natural elements found in nature.
Products with this label will break down into compost in industrial composting plants.
Locally manufactured in Europe, meaning a lower transportation footprint compared to goods produced and imported from abroad.
Contains no petroleum-based plastics.
Doypack away, but make it green
  • When you shop our Compostable Doypacks, you get an all-around eco-product.


  • The paper we use comes from 100% agro-waste & the coating is made integrally from NatureFlex™.


  • We only print these beauties with bio-based inks, making every detail green from top to bottom!


White Paper


  • Smooth to the touch

A fully customised doypack that feels premium to the touch with a choice of sealing options.


  • Smooth to the soul

A packaging solution that was made with love for the planet, without consuming any new resources.

Shop consciously


Kraft Paper


  • Easy on the eyes

A stand-up pouch with earthy tones made from coated kraft paper.


  • Made to last

A smart design ready to keep your items fresh & safe for longer.

Shop consciously
PAP/ NatureFlex™/ PLA
Material colour
Standard Brown
Standard White
Colour options
CMYK/ White
Printing process
Digital Printing
Rounded/ Straight
Other features
Ziplock/ Tear notch/ Euro slot


What is Natureflex™ and what is it made from?

Natureflex™ is a complex of bio-based films most commonly used in manufacturing flexible packaging. Natureflex™  is one of the champions of renewable packaging, using only cellulose from wood pulp produced on sustainable plantations. More so, the films are certified with American (ASTM D6400) & the European (EN13432) norms for 100% compostable packaging. Our Compostable Doypacks are coated with Natureflex™, making them perfectly safe for the marine environment.

Can I order this product in a custom size?

Of course you can! Our doypacks are available in 7 standard sizes, as showcased below, but we’re always happy to accommodate more specific requests. The following suggestions are estimated:


 Size  Corn flakes  Tea leaves  Peanuts  Coffee beans  Sugar
 95x60x130  20 g  30 g  45 g  55 g  155 g
 95x60x160  30 g  50 g  55 g  70 g  200 g
 110x50x220  40 g  60 g  80 g  100 g  275 g
 140x70x225  100 g  140 g  160 g  220 g  500 g
 160x80x270  140 g  250 g  250 g  350 g  1 kg
 200x80x300  170 g  400 g  350 g  500 g  1,3 kg
 220x120x280  280 g  460 g  500 g  700 g  1,7 kg


Please contact our customer support team if you’re looking for a custom-size product. 


Can I print my own designs?

Yes, our Compostable Doypacks are fully customisable. With up to 10 designs under the minimum order quantity (MOQ), you can cover your whole product range and tailor every inch of the doypacks to your product and branding needs. You can choose between a kraft brown paper colour for a more natural vibe, which is very popular with food vendors or go all out with a full-colour CYMK print. We encourage personalisation for every business that would like to offer a complete brand experience.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

The MOQ for our Compostable Doypacks is 5000 pieces.

What can I pack in Compostable Doypacks?

Our product fulfils the migration testing according to the international harmonised standard EN 1186 for food packaging, making it safe for commercialising edibles. You can pack a wide range of food items, among which we remind the most popular: protein powder & supplements, herbs & spices, nuts & cereals, chocolate & other confectionery, hard-boiled & soft sweets. Non-food items also sit pretty & safe inside our doypacks! Our customers have often chosen to store jewellery & apparel items or even tech accessories & electronics. Not sure if your product is suitable to pack in our doypacks? Feel free to consult the Technical Sheet for an extensive product list.


What is the min/max weight I can pack in Compostable Doypacks?

You can pack as little as 20 g in Compostable Doypacks (e.g., corn flakes); the maximum you can store is approx. 1,7 kg (e.g.: sugar).

Is this product suitable for packing liquids?

Unfortunately, liquids are not suitable to pack in compostable doypacks.

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