Product boxes for Jewellery: Asila Disain


Modern sellers are often people, who put their unique skills to work. ASILA is a brand creating functional art, and a solo band led by Alisa Koplus. As Alisa revealed in a chat with us, she found it difficult to find a packaging provider. Fortunately enough - Packhelp came round. The Product Boxes, designed on her own, are a lovely piece of art that captures the spirit of Alisa's brand.

packhelp product box

Artists make our world more beautiful to look at. Surrounding ourselves with paintings, jewelry, unusual architecture and fabulous interior design - it’s all ways of embellishing our life.

Alisa Koplus is an example of a person who makes the world a more beautiful place. She’s an Estonian designer, who one day decided to establish her own brand - ASILA. The name is a reverse version of her name and a little wordplay too. The name could be translated into "place of things" - "Asi" means "thing" in Estonian and "la" is sometimes added to the words in order to refer to place.

This small business is centered on making art and jewelry “artwear” pieces. Alisa is a true “Renaissance Woman” - she is a skilled painter and a great packaging designer too.

“My main goal in designing my box was to create the unique package which suits my branding. I think the presentation of a product is as important as the product itself.“

boxes with lid

Finding the packaging supplier

As Alisa told us when we spoke about her packaging, she found it difficult to find a packaging provider. She contacted plenty of them, but none could deliver a very specific product she needed.

“Packhelp fit my needs by being the best way to get the package my brand needed. I contacted multiple businesses who offer packaging service and none of them had what I needed. I almost gave up on my perfect package and then I found Packhelp.”

The very specific part of ASILA brand is creating a limited series of themes. One of such ideas was a collection of paintings, jewelry, and bags with “Clock Rabbits”, inspired by “Alice In Wonderland”.

boxes with lid for jewelry and small items

An offer tailored to small business’ needs

Alisa was overjoyed when we asked about the specific parts of the offer she enjoyed the most. There were multiple benefits of using Packhelp:

“The size of a two piece box was perfect to fit different accessories I have in store. I did not need a lot of boxes because this design was for packages of a limited edition collection and I was happy to know that Packhelp offers custom packaging starting from 30 pieces. I could not believe how easy it was to design a full print package. I thought that things can't get any better but Packhelp surprised me once again when I found out that the shipping is free.”