Classy Boxes for fashion accessories: Cocopat


Great unboxing experience relies on details.

The Bosnian brand Cocopat started off as a small producer of stylish bags for women. Hard work let to truly exponential growth, with sales in several European countries, and with a localised website and team in Germany. One of the challenges for the company was designing a consistent branding that would be fitting for all the new markets. And part of that process was also creating a unique experience with the Cocopat packaging.

white cardboard boxes with print

Cocopat is a great example of how small, local brands expand their operations by selling online. The brand sells its bags and backpacks via a website, without the need to include middlemen in the form of retailers and other chains of distribution. The company visits special events for the clothing industry too. As Jasmin from explains,

“ is a German version of Cocopat’s website and online shop. We often install pop-up stores at events in Stuttgart, because we see them as opportunities to meet our customers in person. Our primary sales channel is the website though."

The brand sells handmade bags, rucksacks and cosmetic bags for women. The in-house production is handled by twelve talented cutters, but the direction of Cocopat’s design belongs to one of the two founders of the company.

bag of german brand cocopat - packhelp customer

Cocopat packaging - the minimalist standards

Jasmin explained that Cocopat chose to go all-minimal for a specific reason. 

The minimalist packaging design is a result of our brand’s identity. Cocopat’s logo, website and all the other visual elements are modest and lean towards minimalism.

The need to be consistent across all channels isn’t the only reason. Even more than that, it was dictated by a well-crafted unboxing experience.

Going all-minimal “on the outside” is contrasted by abstract, colourful designs of Cocopat products. The bags and backpacks reach for classic patterns like leopard print, which land far from the minimalist aesthetics. Such eye-catching, bold products aren’t exactly what you expect from a white, elegant box.

We believe that our customers are surprised when they receive that super-elegant, white box. And after a peek inside, they see these fancy, abstract designs. It’s a really cool surprise for the customer.

bag inside a mailer box with tissue paper

Cocopat packaging includes tissue paper too.

The semi-transparent, white paper spans a more chic aura and emphasises the uncanny bag designs. It also helps to gently prevent the product from scratches. Jasmin mentioned tissue paper as a crucial element of Cocopat packaging:

The moment of unboxing is key to the whole experience with Cocopat. Tissue paper isn’t just to protect the product. It strengthens the chic character of the package. It feels more high-class when you open the mailer box and see something wrapped in the thin layer of paper.

pile of white cardboard boxes with dark print

How to craft a memorable unboxing experience?

The case of Cocopat helps to wrap one’s head around the importance of the unboxing experience.

The bags could be sent in very simple postal boxes, but the company went the extra mile. The result is a carefully crafted experience, which builds anticipation prior to opening the box and seeing the product.