Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging: BANBU


When the creators of BANBU realised that taking care of their dog, not only made them giddy with joy, it also helped them connect with nature; something happened.

They realised the way they connected with nature, had to change. Their daily consumption of food, hygiene and cosmetics, clothes and yes, even what their dog needed; it all had to become more sustainable.

Their turn towards personal growth and minimalist consumption finally led to a change in their professional careers. It led to the creation of sustainable cosmetics brand BANBU.

Banbu Boxes

BANBU's mission

BANBU is a Spanish, sustainable cosmetics brand, who strive every day to reduce their use of plastic. Both in the office and in shipping and collecting products.

"In our work environment we encourage colleagues to give creative proposals and we look for a way to create a close work environment". 

Another aim is that customers of BANBU, have access to quality, well-designed and easily accessible products.

But, as Marina (BANBU’s Communication Manager) told us, it’s not only about selling items with "green and beautiful" packaging, as this is not always synonymous with sustainability. The BANBU brand advocates a commitment to zero waste. They aim to influence people to live a more sustainable life.

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"We believe that now is the time to be willing to make an effort, to create a positive impact and to support consumption that helps not only other sustainable brands, but also local businesses and restaurants that currently need a boost."

Banbu Branded SoapsSocial networks: listening to the audience is key

BANBU’S founders say that social media is a real source of inspiration and improvement for BANBU. The suggestions offered by online followers have been key to BANBU’s growth.

"We are clear that these platforms are the ideal space to establish direct contact with our users and to be able to understand their needs and adapt to them".

In short, social media offers the perfect platform on which to have an impact on people's awareness. It offers an opportunity to change our everyday habits.

Their hope is to create a movement or a community of people who are united by the same values.

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Banbu Circular Branded soap

Sustainable Cosmetics with Sustainable Packaging

“As a Zero Waste company, packaging is essential because it helps us to minimise the waste generated by packaging. It is the first impression that our customers get of BANBU and it is vital to preserving the product, which over time, makes it more durable.”

In tune with its Zero Waste commitment and its desire to generate critical and thoughtful consumption in people, the brand has designed packaging inspired by the slogan, "Revolutionising Consciousness."

And they chose Packhelp to implement this idea. To design their custom, sustainable packaging and to get online shipments out to their customers. 

However, for shipments to stores, which are usually higher in volume, they recycle or take advantage of boxes that have previously been used to pack other items. This includes bottles, furniture and any items that other businesses aren’t going to reuse.

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Banbu custom eco-friendly mailer box

Sustainable Cosmetics that Leave no trace

At the moment world consumption and production continues to add strain to the environment and the planet’s natural resources. 

BANBU strives to manufacture products with low environmental impact, but without sacrificing design, innovation and quality. Products that are not only sustainable but also provide incredible results to skin, hair and the planet.

This is how the idea of ​​creating their Silver Touch deodorant came about. Inspired by the benefits of silver, in the form of micro-particles, the girls of BANBU have created a unique deodorant that helps to soothe irritated skin, to help feel total protection and to restore the balance of the skin.

Banbu Soap display

Silver ions activate critical structures on the surface of bacteria, making them effective in controlling bacterial growth. And the natural origin of silver is guaranteed. 

For BANBU, it is essential to have a formula that ensures the active ingredients used, their selection and the production of the final cosmetic, is sustainable and responsible to the environment.

“Avoiding aerosol deodorants (the worst option for the atmosphere) and plastic containers (the greatest threat to our seas) through 100% recyclable cardboard packaging encourages more conscious consumption. We reduce its packaging to the maximum to avoid unnecessary waste that can pollute and harm the planet ”.

Banbu branded boxes

The promising future of BANBU

The dream of the founders of BANBU is to be able to grow and create a foundation that generates a positive impact for nature and animals. And that in turn,  helps to raise people’s awareness.