Bio-degradable cosmetic packaging: Coexist


Isabel and Sandra are entrepreneurs looking for ways to contribute to the planet. This leads them to launch Coexist, a natural and vegan cosmetics line accompanied by top-of-the-line biodegradable packaging.

Isabel has told us how this project began and what are their plans for the future. Don’t miss out on a fantastic interview.

sustainable packaging from Packhelp

Packhelp: How did you get started on this project?

Isabel: Coexist came to life around 2 years ago. I’ve personally always been a fan of natural cosmetics. And after many travels and seeing beautiful places on our planet covered in plastic, I thought about a way of giving back to our planet.

I came back to Malaga, my hometown and talked to Sandra about the project idea. She loved and we immediately partnered up to make this our baby.

It took baby steps to get to where we are now. We started out on a blank slate; creating the name, logo, line of products, formulas, business plan, website, EVERYTHING!

sustainable packaging for coexist

It’s been a beautiful project where we’ve learned so much. We’re also able to work on giving the best of ourselves every day to other people and to the world.

Around 2 months ago, we launched our first collection; Naked Solid Collection. This can be purchased directly on our website.

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Packhelp: What marketing strategies have helped Coexist grow?

Isabel: We’re fully focused on social media, especially Instagram. We’re also using a lot of email marketing and paid media.

Little by little, we’ll start working on more marketing activities through our blog.

custom packaging from Packhelp

Packhelp: what role does sustainability play in Coexist?

Isabel: Sustainability is one of the core values of Coexist. For us, it was super important that ingredients, as well as the packaging used in our products, were sustainable. We want to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible.

That’s why all of our ingredients are natural and biodegradable. We do not use anything that’s derived from petroleum or sourced from animals in any part of our products.

All of our packagings are either 100% biodegradable, compostable or recyclable. We use paper and kraft from sustainably managed forests, water-based inks, and vegan adhesives.

eco Mailer Boxes for Coexist from Packhelp

Packhelp: What role does packaging play at Coexist?

Isabel: As I mentioned, the packaging is super important to us. Through our packaging, we’re ab;e to communicate what our brand stands for.

Everything on your packaging has a message about your brand, and that includes what materials you use.

We decided to say no to plastic. Although it’s brought many limitations into things that we can and can’t do, it’s also created a unique brand positioning for Coexist.

sustainable eco mailer boxes from coexist

Plus, we’re able to help take care of the planet and animals. And we love our planet and our animals.

Packhelp: How are your Eco Mailer Boxes used?

Isabel: We use our Eco Mailer Boxes to ship our products. We love how easy it was to design them and that they’re able to carry our brand values. It was just what we were looking for.

The best part is the transparency of the materials used. Many businesses online choose not to disclose where they source their materials. At Packhelp this was not the case.

Packhelp: What’s in the future for Coexist?

Isabel: We have a lot of plans in the making! We want our Coexist products to be in the homes for many people so that we know we’re doing a good job and our planet is a little better of.