Custom packaging: Stitch Happy


Louisa is an entrepreneur based in the UK that believes in the magic of creativity. A lover of the art of stitching, she founded Stitch Happy, a brand that offers hand made embroidery kits.

Inspired by sustainability, she told us more about Stitch Happy and how custom packaging helped build up her brand.

A brand born from a passion

Louisa tells us that she’s been an embroidery fanatic for a long time herself. More than that, she strongly believes that activities like embroidery
carry strong benefits for people.

eco mailer box for stitch happyeco mailer box for stitch happy embroidery kit

“Embroidery gives you time to relax and do something for yourself in a hectic world. I believe strongly in the good that comes from creativity and that’s what Stitch Happy is all about."

Stitch Happy offers a wide variety of kits to choose from. Plus, Louisa was adamant to make sure that her brand was as sustainable as possible. The kits only use sustainable and ethical fabrics from GOTS certified organic cotton.

And for Louisa, this sustainable element had to be reflected throughout her entire brand.

Eco Packaging to complete the eco look

Louisa came to Packhelp with the need of stylish and sustainable packaging to pack the embroidery kits for Stitch Happy.

stitch happy custom packaging

The classic Eco Mailer Boxes were a perfect choice.

Eco Mailer Boxes are made from 90% recycled kraft and are printed with water-based inks.

They’re also easily recyclable and give the chance to plant back the trees used in every order.

Learn more about sustainability at Packhelp here.

Louisa also used a premade-pattern to create her box design.

embroidery kits with custom packaging

Premade patterns can be easily customised using Packhelp’s online editor. You can add shapes, change colours, and add your brand’s logo to make the design fully branded.

There are more than 100 different patterns available to create a custom packaging design in only a few clicks.

Explore the range of premade packaging patterns here.

The future for Stitch Happy

Currently Stitch Happy is opening more doors in the world of crafts and embroidery. Louisa is expanding into wholesale her kits to larger retailers in order to reach more customers.

And so she is working on some new packaging designs to make Stitch Happy and embroidery kits look their absolute best when displayed on shelves.

Now it’s on to you! Start creating your own branded packaging here.