Customised mailer boxes: M0ther


The journey into motherhood is a beautiful and life-changing experience.

But as amazing as pregnancy and a new baby can be, we can’t forget about taking care of mothers throughout their entire journey.

Today’s story is about Alishia, the creator of the lifestyle brand M0ther.

M0ther is a UK based brand that caters to mothers of all ages helping them feel pampered and taken care of.

full color mailer box from m0ther by packhelpcustom mailer box m0ther

How Alishia puts it; “Whether they are pregnant, first-time mom’s or welcoming their 2nd or 3rd child or are trying to heal from a miscarriage, we have something for them. We love every woman and everything about her story”.

How being a mother created M0ther

Alishia became inspired to create her own brand out of the need to help working mothers find the balance between work and children.

Having welcomed a new baby herself, Alishia identified a fantastic niche that allowed her to jumpstart her entrepreneurial journey as well as her own motherhood journey.

While taking care of her baby, she noticed how the lack of flexibility made matters more difficult for mums. This is where M0ther was born.
Her brand now offers beauty, loungewear, health & wellness products, and even Gin to make sure other mums out there take care of themselves.

When the mother is well, it only goes uphill from there.

Custom packaging that completes the brand look

When Alishia came to Packhelp to find an ideal tailored packaging for M0ther, she knew she needed top-notch packaging for her customers.

“Packaging is very important to us. It’s the first thing our customers see when they come in contact with our brand. Also, as a small business that’s run only by myself, I wanted to be taken seriously from the get-go. M0ther bold, playful, feminine and here to stay, and good packaging helps communicate just that.”

full colour mailer box by packhelp

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M0ther uses custom Full Colour Mailer Boxes to ship their products directly to their customers. This mailer box is an awesome solution for e-commerce and small brands that need both sturdy and stylish packaging.

In terms of the design for their custom boxes, they use a simple but bold design that shows what M0ther stands for. Alishia uses the signature pink colour with the brand logo elegantly placed at the front.

m0ther customer packaging

With such custom packaging, they simply pack the products and ship them straight to the customer, ready to be delivered in a jaw-dropping box.

The future for M0ther

M0ther celebrated mums every single day of the year, not just during Mother’s Day or Christmas. And being focused on such of powerful niche means growth for the brand.

With their product lines only expanding M0ther is a true example of how a well-built brand and marketing strategy, with the help of top-of-the-line custom packaging, is a recipe that will create a strong brand that customers with fall in love with.

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