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Lightweight and easy to store, our custom printed mailing bags are a unique and eco-friendly packaging alternative.



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Are these shipping mailers waterproof?

It depends. Our classic poly mailer bags are made from highly durable LDPE foil, while our more eco-friendly alternatives are made from waterproof bioplastic. This material is great to serve as an additional layer of protection to prevent your box from rain, water and snow. Our paper-based shipping mailers are water-resistant. They can take a bit of rain in transit.

How can I design my own shipping mailers?

You can design your own custom shipping bags using Packhelp’s free Online Editor. Just follow the steps below. Everything is done online in a matter of clicks.


  • The process starts with the configurator on each product page. Here, you can select the size and quantity you’re after. You will then be taken to our Online Editor. 
  • In the Editor, you can get creative and design your own packaging in 3D. You can see how different materials and printing options look. Add logos or select templates.
  • Alternatively, you design on a dieline and upload your own designs.
  • Next, just hit add to the cart and check out. 


What are some common uses for shipping mailers?

Shipping mailers can be used as protective packaging and a shipping solution on their own. Soft goods (e.g., clothing & accessories) and printed material (e.g., magazines) can be shipped using just postal bags. They are a favourite among fashion brands. They are also great for protecting mailer boxes from damage, rain and other elements.

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