Sustainable boxes for fashion: Black Book Fashion


The fashion industry is one of the most competitive ones. That’s why making your brand stand out is so important in fashion.

In this customer story, we’ll get to know about the sustainable brand Black Book Fashion and how they stood out in a sea of fashion brands.

Black Book Fashion is an online retailer offering unconventional fashion dresses.

With a sustainable view present, their collections are inspired by exotic destinations and collaborate with manufacturers of said places, promoting local production and sliding away from fast fashion.

The first collection was inspired by Bali and customers are already loving the concept. Soon customers will be enjoying collections reflecting the likes of Bangkok, Beirut and even Istanbul.

We got a chance to get to know Laura, founder of Black Book Fashion, where she got to tell us about her fashion business and how custom packaging has played an important role.

premade patterns on eco white mailer boxes from packhelp

Packhelp: How did Black Book Fashion start? How does a typical day look like for you?

Laura: Black Book Fashion was born from longing to satisfy my creative side, out of a love for Bali and fashion.

I wanted to create a space where travellers with bohemian taste could find the most beautiful clothing in the world. I wanted to have beautiful clothing that reflected this boho style, like handmade silk dresses, tailored linen pants, vegan leather jackets, and even handmade jewelry.

After returning to Barcelona from a trip to Bali, I began to shape the project, and 6 months later Black Book Fashion was born.

When it comes to our day-to-day, everything is run just like in a regular fashion company. A great deal of ou focus is put on our clients. We also continue to search for new brands to collaborate with so we can offer the best clothes.

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Packhelp: How did you grow your online fashion brand?

Laura: Social Media channels have been one of the most important components of our brand growth. Through them we’ve been able to connect with our target audience and clients. We’ve been able to know what they like and what things they worry about to be able able to offer them a better experience.

Through social media, we share our #blackbooklooks on a daily basis. These are outfits inspired by the resort wear of our customers, fans, bloggers and all kinds of women that enjoy our clothing.

eco white mailer boxes by packhelp for black book fashion

Another series we share is the #blackbooktravel once a week. We show various exotic destinations, magical paradises, to inspire customers in places where they can take their Black Book Fashion clothing.

Packhelp: What role does packaging play in the company?

Laura: Packaging has been another major element of our customer experience. We want each of our customers to feel that they are receiving a special gift when they get their Black Book Fashion package. To achieve this, packaging is essential.

Likewise, sustainability is part of our brand identity, and our packaging needed to reflect this. We needed packaging that was sustainable and plastic free. Packhelp’s options made from recycled kraft were the best.

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Packhelp: How do you use your custom packaging from Packhelp?

Laura: Our boxes are used to ship our products nationally and internationally. Our garments need to be fully protected and of course, look amazing as well.

custom packaging for black book fashion by packhelp

Packhelp’s Eco White Boxes were perfect for this. Made from 90% recycled kraft and printed with water-based inks, they're sturdy and stylish to ship to our garments.

Designing the box was one of the best parts as it was done in only a few clicks. We created the box design from one of the pre-designed patterns on the site. It was super easy to customise and order.

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5. What does the future look like for Black Book Fashion?

Laura: Our goal is for Black Book Fashion to become a benchmark for resort clothing in Spain and Europe.

Very soon we will open our first physical store in Barcelona and we will increase our sustainable clothing offer to include even more brands and destinations.

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