Noray Cosmetics


Making your cosmetics brands stand out from the competition is not an easy task. Up and coming brand, Noray Cosmetics figured out how to do this splendidly. Read their story below.

Noray: When being different is the way to go

Marina, Sales Technician of Noray Cosmetics took us through the brand’s journey and how they’ve managed to become a favourite shopping spot for cosmetics in Spain.

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They noticed that the main marketing points were based on what ingredients were not included in the products rather than what the product actually did.

This inspired the creation of Noray, a brand that is committed to the wellbeing of people’s skin and offering the best ingredients.

Everything in Noray’s range is free from parabens, silicones, and cruelty-free, giving them a chance to focus on what good ingredients are actually included and how it can help customers with their skin problems. Noray offers a healthy and effective way of shopping for skin solutions.

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Exceptional service to grow a cosmetics brand

Noray Cosmetics has the goal of helping people find solutions to their skin problems. In order to do so, they needed to find a way to connect with customers and for customers to get to know them.

Noray opened a retail location where customers were able to try out products and receive one of a kind service to learn about their products. On site customer service became a key element to the brand’s success.

“We want to show them that we are different. We’re focused on improving our relationships with our customers so they feel satisfied and don’t simply settle.”

The cosmetics products from Noray are all manufactured in Spain. They also aim to collaborate exclusively with companies that share their goals of solving skin problems for people.

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And to ensure that each product will in fact solve a specific problem, each cosmetic product from Noray completes an efficacy test. Each test guarantees that the product in question will function for what it was created.

Custom Packaging: Essential in Cosmetics

In the world of cosmetics, a well-designed packaging that protects a product looks amazing and displays important information is key.

For Noray Cosmetics this was no different. In fact, they saw packaging as an extension of the product, as a mirror of what they were offering.

How Marina puts it, “Packaging is what makes the first impression on a customer. Therefore, packaging should be eye-catching and blend well with the product.”

Noray came to Packhelp to create their cosmetics packaging for shipping and for gift bundles.

They chose our Full Color Mailer Boxes for this purpose.

full color mailer box for noray packhelp

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When it came to the design of their custom packaging, their aim was to create a box that reflected the essence and colours of Noray. It needed to include pink, a symbol of delicacy, and gold, to symbolise elegance.

custom packaging for cosmetics from packhelp

“We find this box beautiful, even our customers have told us about their experience with it; They use it to store office supplies (such as pens) or to store makeup.”

In the future, Noray sees packaging as essential to the brand. They plan to expand their packaging and include tissue paper to new box designs. They want to create a complete unboxing experience for their customers.

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