Designing Classic Product Boxes: Olivia Plum


Olivia Plum is a brand of naturally made cosmetics. The idea of the company is based on products inspired by travels and organically prepared goods. In order to present the cosmetic products in an extraordinary manner, Olivia Plum has ordered Packhelp’s Classic Product Boxes, with various imprints for a more personal touch, as well as Eco Mailer Boxes for bigger sets.

Organic cosmetics are a very popular product among eCommerce companies. There is a great demand for naturally produced goods - customers decide to choose the locally born brands over global enterprises. This trend creates a unique opportunity for many entrepreneurs, who decide to open their small brands and put their whole hearts in developing these ideas.

The philosophy of Olivia Plum is based on the love for traveling and discovering the world’s secrets. As Anna Śliwińska, the founder of the company told us:

“All of the cosmetic products from Olivia Plum are natural, handmade and with the use of only high-quality ingredients. They all include healthy essences like extra virgin olive oil and organ oil. We really believe in the simplicity of our products. Our brand focuses on the “domestic” character of a daily spa.”


Product Boxes for influencers

Olivia Plum has invested in gaining the interest of influencers as a way of promoting the brand. Anna told us that this why she chose to order Product Boxes and use a few various variants of texts printed on them.

“We aimed for a personal touch for every person, who receives the box. This is why we created designs with copy like “You are loved” or “You are beautiful”. Our customers can create their own sets or purchase our company-made packages. Thanks to the Product Boxes, our cosmetics serve as a lovely gift.”

The boxes were created in order to correspond visually with the product. The colors used in the designs are mellow, without any excessive or aggressive imprints. In this way, the soothing packaging captured the equally organic character of the goods inside.

Eco Mailer Boxes - Minimalism rocks!

As a second part of the Olivia Plum’s packaging set come Eco Mailer Boxes. The design is very simple, focused on subtle branding. The logo printed on the top side of the box does the trick. As Anna comments:

“Regarding Mailer Boxes, I was aware of the magic of minimalism. I like to believe that simplicity brings out beauty. This Eco box is a perfect gift, they are very universal and eye-catching. I occasionally used them as an influencer kit too. The recipients were praising them!”