Bio Poly mailer bags for vegan fashion: Origin X Performance


With Packhelp's Journey into Sustainability, we had the chance to talk to a very special customer and inspirational entrepreneur. Samuel Allsop is the founder of Origin X Performance, a clothing brand from the UK, whose heart beats for the environment.

After embarking on a few other entrepreneurial adventures, Samuel settled on the idea of revolutionizing sportswear, a niche within the clothing industry. His goal?

Make it - at the same time - as sustainable and affordable - as possible.

black sustainable jumper from origin x performance

We sat down with Samuel and spoke about embracing sustainability from day one. 

You can listen to our interview with Samuel on the first episode of The Jetpack here.

The beginnings of Origin x Performance

Origin X Performance came to life in June 2019. Its founder, Samuel Allsop came with the idea after identifying a market gap in sportswear apparel. 

Samuel found it particularly difficult to find a men’s activewear brand that met with his own values and expectations.

A passionate gym-goer himself, Samuel decided that sportswear will be his next, exciting venture.

Building a brand around its core values

Upon speaking to Samuel about his brand development, he mentioned that Origin X Performance was built on 5 pillars, each representing different values that make up the brand’s DNA.

#1 ​Commitment to the environment and social responsibilities:​ This is why all of the activewear apparel is manufactured using sustainable methods. As a key component, they strive to maintain manufacturing processes as sustainable as possible.

In terms of our social responsibility, we make sure that our suppliers from Bangladesh adhere to the norms of the International Labour Organisation and that our supplier within Europe upholds the labour laws of the European Union. We want our brand to respect human values and promote fair labour practices.

#2 ​Family-based company:​ Origin X Performance is also driven by family values, where every employee is considered and treated as part of the family. We want our employees to feel loved and appreciated.

#3: ​Creating customer value:​ Customers are at the heart of what we do and that is how it is going to stay.

#4 ​Customer insights:​ Origin X Performance also strongly believes in the value of keeping customers engaged. They continuously ask for feedback and opinions to find ways to improve.

#5 ​Keeping it simple:​ Creating timeless activewear that never goes out of style.

Sustainably-driven and customer-focused

As Samuel expressed during our entire chat, sustainability plays a massive role in Origin X Performance. 

“We’ve built this brand sustainability, and we’ve been telling our customers - ‘this is our mission, we believe in it.’ We are sustainable thanks to the fabrics we choose, our labour standards, basically everything we do.” explains Samuel.

It is an essential component of the business model. Every business decision is made with this value in mind.

As part of the production process and Origin x Performance’s supply chain, Samuel chose to work with suppliers who utilize fabrics including organic cotton, recycled polyester and a range of fabrics made from plastic found in our oceans.

For example, by using organic cotton instead of regular cotton, production of the brand’s activewear uses less water and zero chemicals that help maintain the wellness of soil plantations. With the fabrics made from recycled polyester, the water saved can provide drinking water for 5 days to a single person.

womens line ox performance

With sustainability being such an important component, it is also treated like the brand's biggest asset. They believe that customer should find this inspiring, and an important factor when purchasing anything from Origin X Performance. As Samuel mentioned;

"We hope that people change their shopping behaviour to a more conscious one. Our activewear is striving to do that, to be a sustainable long-lasting piece that inspires people to think twice before falling into fast fashion trends".

Origin X Performance uses a wide range of certifications to prove how sustainable the brand and apparel is. They want customers to know about the brand's mission and believe it.

They also a strict selection process when it comes to manufacturers, only working with those that stick to their struck labour standards.

All our activewear is PETA certified vegan friendly. This means that no animals have been harmed in the production and manufacturing of our activewear.

A Brand Redefining Apparel

Origin X Performance offers both men’s and women’s activewear. They took it even further by redefining the standards of production and what the products represent.

For instance, when researching suppliers and producers, Origin X Performance makes sure to only collaborate with businesses that align with their own sustainability goals.

This means that suppliers working with the brand should be aware of the implications of their processes, therefore implementing sustainable procedures throughout their production.

vegan black line ox performance

In addition, they are constantly looking at new ways to innovate and become even more sustainable. For example, recently some of their activewear is made from plastic collected from the oceans.

As a result, Origin X Performance's apparel meets not only sustainability standards but also quality standards. A garment from their shop will have a simple and timeless design, is sustainable, and is of high quality to ensure users a long-lasting and top performance piece of clothing.

Certifications to back up the product’s quality

Certifications are a large part of the business offer. And the product value for Samuel’s brand. Origin X Performance complies with a wide range of certifications to prove how sustainable the brand and the apparel is. 

That’s also where the strict selection of manufacturers comest at play.

"All our activewear is PETA certified vegan friendly. This means that no animals have been harmed in the production and manufacturing of our activewear."

On a more personal note, Samuel admitted to living a plastic-free and meat-free life. "I also went meat-free, I don't use plastic, I plan on getting an electric car and do everything I can really “live” my brand,” explained Samuel.

Origin X Performance uses a wide range of certifications to prove how sustainable the brand and apparel is. They want customers to know about the brand's mission and believe it.

sustainable mailing bag by origin x performance

Sustainable Packaging for Origin X Performance

Origin X Performance has also vowed to be a plastic-free business, something that is hard to come by in the sportswear industry.

This is what inspired them with their choice of packaging. Origin X Performance only uses Packhelp's Bio Poly Mailers

"I think that this is one of my main selling points - biodegradable, compostable packaging. Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose. I haven’t got that much time, so I chose the Bio Poly Mailer from Packhelp. I’m quite pleased with it!"

Bio Poly Mailer's are made from a natural resin, that makes them biodegradable, industrially compostable, and of course plastic-free. They are also weatherproof and tear-proof, perfect for shipping clothing.

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Saving the planet with One Tree Planted

Following their sustainability efforts, Origin X Performance has partnered up with One Tree Planted to help fight climate change. This organization helps plant trees around the world to help take care of the planet.

cream jumper for origin x performance

From one organization to another, they shared a common belief.

“The partnership would allow us to significantly reduce our Carbon footprint and had values similar to ourselves.

Did you know that Packhelp also partnered with One Tree Planted?

That’s right! As part of our alliance, you can now replant the number of trees that were used for your packaging. It's a great way to give back to mother nature.

What’s in the future?

The biggest change Origin X Performance foresees in the future is consumers turning away from fast fashion. With a change in consumer behaviour and the impact fast fashion has on the planet, demand for brands like Origin X Performance should increase.

They believe that Origin X Performance will be a brand making a real impact on the activewear market and hopefully the textile industry.

Lead by sustainability, they hope to be the inspiration on consumers and other brands to change their business practices and take the planet into account when making decisions.