Eco Mailer boxes for subscription: We Are Knitters


You ever thought that knitting is the thing of the past, which could be a hobby of your grandma? 

Read the inspiring story behind the Madrid-born brand, We Are Knitters - a brand that brought back knitting and is now turning it into a global experience.

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DIY and fashion combined together

Back in the days, people used to tailor their own clothes.

Nowadays it’s not that common. People dress in stuff they buy from worldwide-known brands. But when you think about it, having received an item that someone made for you or you yourself made makes it 10x more special.

We Are Knitters brought this concept back to life.

With their DIY knitting kits, they have created a community of people who not only love fashion but make unique items of clothing that show their style. It doesn't matter whether you consider yourself a pro or never seen a needle before - this kit is for everyone.

"The kits contain everything you need to create your own piece and they are designed so that every skill levels can complete the kit - from super beginners to advanced level." explain the founders.

We Are Knitters washes away the misconception that knitting is for your Grandma. By teaching people the wonders knitting can do, the company engages younger generations in a hobby known for centuries. Whether it is a crotchet, petit point, or knitting, We Are Knitters is changing the world one stitch at a time.

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It’s All About the Experience

Back in 2011, Pepita and Alberto rediscovered the magic of knitting on a trip to New York City. There, they encountered people knitting in subways and cafeterias as well as many stores selling beautifully coloured yarn. 

After some sugar and spice, yarn, instructions, needles, and everything nice, We Are Knitters was born in Madrid. Pepita and Alberto discovered that the market was not appealing to the younger generations and decided to turn that around.

But how, you might ask?

We modernize the hobby of knitting with colours, high quality and 100% natural yarn from Peru and inspiring patterns for home accessories and clothing. We sell an experience more than a product” say Pepita and Alberto.

That’s right, it’s all about the experience of the customer.

The knitting kits offered by We Are Knitters include everything needed to create a new piece, from the yarn to the needles, and instructions adapted to any difficulty level. Not only that because the brand has created a community of knitters to share their work and love for the craft.

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How does the WAK experience begin?

This experience starts from the moment the kit is received and unboxed by our customers, the first impression is really important for us.” Pepita and Alberto said.

This is where packaging becomes vital.

Pepita and Alberto decided to use Packhelp’s Eco Mailer Box to create their delightful knitting experience. 

Their box design includes a quote expressing “All the happiness in a box” to emphasize that customers are about to open an experience, not just a product. The mailer box is also surrounded by stitch-like designs and the We Are Knitters logo to keep up the brand identity.

We cherish our packaging as much as possible and we always deliver our products exactly as you see in the pictures.” - Pepita and Alberto.

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The Knitting Experience and The Future In a Mailer Box

We Are Knitters is now becoming a global brand, offering knitting experiences to customers in over 40 countries around the world. They recently entered the Japanese and Australian markets, discovering new trends to adapt to their kits.

When it comes to packaging, We Are Knitters is not afraid of changes either. In Early 2019 they released their WAK Box, a new kit that offers clients 2 knitting projects in one box, which was very successful. 

In relation to our packing changes, we do not know the future yet, but the WAK BOX is proof that we welcome new things. The packaging is almost as important for us as the main product, our wool and patterns.

We Are Knitters is a fast-growing company for a reason - they identified that people want experiences and not just things. Through their kits, this small brand has created an online community of more than 600K knitters around the world, all sharing their wonderful experiences.

For them, home is definitely where the yarn is.