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Non-Recyclable Plastic Doypacks

A sturdy & reliable stand-up pouch to lock in freshness & preserve your product for longer. Get a fully custom packaging with your choice in materials, colours & add-ons.
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Design your own
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Design your own

Choose a style & customise from scratch. Multiple sizes, colours & add-ons available.
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Protection guaranteed
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Protection guaranteed

A fully waterproof hybrid structure combining eye-catching display & top barrier protection.
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End-to-end support
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End-to-end support

We stay in touch & make sure every inch of your packaging meets your needs.
Best of both worlds!


  • Our plastic doypacks mix the touch and aesthetics of premium packaging with the high-barrier properties of a polymer barrier.


  • Combined with heat-sealing, the final product ensures the integrity of its contents & a long shelf-life for a wide range of products.

Choose a style



  • Alloy 

Choose between a white or brown outer layer & opt for a full-colour print in CYMK. Lock in the freshness with a flawless alloy barrier & enjoy a long-lasting product.


  •  Metallic Polymer

Or go for a hybrid structure with the earthy texture of kraft on the outside & a polymer internal barrier for long-life freshness + extended shelf life.

Download the technical sheet

Choose a style



  • Alloy 

A hybrid structure combining eye-catching display & top barrier protection. Heat-sealable design with a choice of gloss or matt finishing.


  • Metallic Polymer

A sleek finish that makes every branding pop! This combo is designed to maximise the shelf-life of a wide range of products.

Download the technical sheet
Colour options
See availability in FAQs
Printing process
Digital Printing
Material: Kraft with alloy
Material: Kraft with metallic polymer
Material: Polymer with alloy
Material: Polymer with metallic polymer
Rounded/ Straight
Other features
Tear notch/ Zip lock/ Euro slot/ Aroma valve


What are my colour options?

You can choose the following colour swatches corresponding to the materials:


 Material  Colour swatches
 Kraft with alloy  Standard brown/Standard White
 Kraft with polymer barrier  Standard Brown/Standard White
 Metallic polymer   Metallic Silver
 Metallic polymer with alloy  Metallic Silver

Can I print my own designs?

Yes, our doypacks are fully customisable. With up to 10 designs under the minimum order quantity (MOQ), you can cover your whole product range and tailor every inch of your doypacks to your product and branding needs. 

Can I order this product in a custom size?

Of course you can! Our doypacks are available in 7 standard sizes, as showcased below, but we’re always happy to accommodate more specific requests. The following suggestions are estimated:


 Size  Corn flakes  Tea leaves  Peanuts  Coffee beans  Sugar
 95x60x130  20 g  30 g  45 g  55 g  155 g
 95x60x160  30 g  50 g  55 g  70 g  200 g
 110x50x220  40 g  60 g  80 g  100 g  275 g
 140x70x225  100 g  140 g  160 g  220 g  500 g
 160x80x270  140 g  250 g  250 g  350 g  1 kg
 200x80x300  170 g  400 g  350 g  500 g  1,3 kg
 220x120x280  280 g  460 g  500 g  700 g  1,7 kg


Please contact our customer support team if you’re looking for a custom-size product. 

What can I pack in these doypacks?

Our product fulfils the migration testing according to the international harmonised standard EN 1186 for food packaging, making it safe for commercialising edibles. You can pack a wide range of food items, among which we remind the most popular: protein powder & supplements, herbs & spices, nuts & cereals, baked goods, chocolate & other confectionery, hard-boiled & soft sweets, etc. Non-food items also sit pretty & safe inside our doypacks! Our customers have often chosen to pack beauty products such as scrubs, facial masks & creams, jewellery & apparel item, cosmetics or even tech accessories & electronics. Not sure if your product is suitable to pack in our doypacks? Feel free to consult the Technical Sheet for an extensive product list.


What is the min/max weight I can pack in these doypacks?

You can pack as little as 20 g in our doypacks (e.g., corn flakes); the maximum you can store is approx. 1,7 kg (e.g.: sugar). The standard sizes in our offer successfully sustain a higher quantity than other providers. 

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

The MOQ for all of our doypacks is 5000 pieces.

Is this product suitable for packing liquids?

Kraft with alloy and kraft with polymer structures are not recommended as a primary choice for packing liquids. Polymer with alloy and polymer with metallic polymer structures are suitable for packing liquids such as scrubs, creams & facial masks, liquid detergents, and ready meals. In case of any doubts, please get in touch with a packhelper via our customer support.

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