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The Packhelp Wallet – The New Way To Save On Your Packaging Supplies

Phil Forbes
Phil Forbes | 5 min read

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For any brand that uses it, custom packaging is a cost that comes up regularly, be it every month, every quarter, or even every 6 months. 

You can save on packaging supplies by buying in higher volumes, sure, but that’s not always an option, as storage space is often limited.

Plus tying up cash in the form of packaging supplies that sit on a shelf is a great way to freeze up cash flow and make it harder to manage your daily operations. 

That’s where the Packhelp Wallet comes in.  

Designed to help you save month on your recurring packaging expenses, the Packhelp Wallet gathers all your discounts and savings into one place. 

Log in and check out your Packhelp Wallet now!

The more packaging you buy over an extended amount of time, the more money you save. 

Here’s how it works:

How the Packhelp Wallet works

The Packhelp Wallet works like most traditional ‘cashback’ promotions. 

Let’s say you make an order for 100€. With the Packhelp Wallet, you’ll get a cashback rate of 5%. So that means that once your €100 payment is completed, you’ll find €5 in your Packhelp Wallet. 

This €5 can be used toward your next Packhelp purchase. 

The more orders you make over time, the higher your cashback amount grows! 

Your cashback rates look like this:

  • Level 0: 5% on your next order
  • Level 1: 7% for your second order
  • Level 2: 10% for your third order, plus free shipping 
  • Level 3: 12% for your fourth order, plus free shipping
  • Level 4: 15% cashback for your fifth order and free shipping

As of today, once you place an order with Packhelp, you’ll see the Packhelp Wallet Navbar pop up. 

This virtual wallet will be filled up with virtual cashback from every purchase you make. 

Check out your Packhelp Wallet now!

Some more details


  • If you don’t order within 90 days, your Packhelp Wallet resets to 0 and your discount will reset to 5%.
  • New orders that use a promo code extend your 90-day period and increase your discount percentage. They also add funds to your Packhelp Wallet.
  • The Packhelp Wallet only has funds added to it when you order packaging via the online editor
  • Orders of Sample Packs do not add funds to your Packhelp Wallet.
  • Wallet funds are awarded as a percentage of the order amount you actually pay.
  • Cancelling an order will reset your timer and percentage discount to the state it was in before placing the cancelled order. 

The Packhelp Wallet helps you secure not only competitively priced custom packaging but save you more money in the long run. 

We know that businesses of all sizes want to save money, so that’s why we’re trying to help businesses like yours save money not just in one lump sum, but over an extended period of time. 

Keep an eye on your inbox, as you should be receiving an email about your personal Packhelp Wallet. 

If you have any queries, please reach out to us and tell us how we can help you!

Ready to save some money? Log in and take a look at your Packhelp Wallet now!


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