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Reduce your packaging supply costs.

Packhelp is the go-to provider of bespoke packaging materials to optimise your supply chain.

Get a better price
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Cost optimisation

Packhelp's range of customised packing supplies lower your operational expenses without sacrificing quality.

Manufacturers compete for your job, guaranteeing your low prices.
Lower your per-unit cost with locally-sourced materials.
Keep your costs down local manufacturing, get it quick with express production.
Start saving
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Packaging engineering

Discover the efficiency of branded packaging materials designed and engineered by specialists.

Lower your delivery costs by getting more product into less space.
Inspect multiple iterations of your packaging design to ensure product quality.
Create a unique unboxing experience with custom textures and finishes.
Design a better box
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Packaging production

Your packaging supply chain needs to help, not hinder your business operations. Higher quality packaging reduces your complaints.

Lock-in quality boxes and other materials at wholesale prices.
Save with modern materials to keep both weight and your delivery prices down.
Keep a close eye on your packaging's delivery status and plan your operations accordingly.
Optimise production
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Sustainable packaging without the price tag

Reduce your brand's carbon footprint and appeal to the eco-conscious consumer. Take a step toward saving the earth, without it costing the earth.

What our customer say

Listen to what brands from all over Europe say.

raylo packaging for shipping by packhelp

We only like to partner with brands that share our sustainability values. This is why we decided to only offer iPhones, and partnered with Pela for phone cases. That’s also one of the main reasons why we chose Packhelp to design our packaging; we share lots of the same values.

Nuno Brito e Cunha Raylo


To safely send your products, you need to use robust and reliable packaging. But with such a wide range of packaging materials available on the market, it can be hard to find the most practical and economical solution. The role of packaging in the supply chain is vital to guarantee the safety of your product. Your customers expect their package to arrive without a scratch. But the importance of safety doesn't mean your postal packaging has to be dull and boring. You need a range of flexible packaging stock that you will use in a smart, efficient way. Packhelp offers a wide range of small business packaging solutions for both storage and transport needs. No matter where you're based, our range of wholesale packaging supplies can do any job you need it to do. Most importantly, you'll deliver your item safely while looking stunning. From cardboard boxes to packaging envelopes or poly mailer bags, Packhelp is the one-stop-shop for all your bespoke packaging needs.


Standing out, being seen and creating a memorable experience for your customer is getting harder and harder. Why? There is a growing number of brands that find their way around costly solutions and turn trends like minimalism into an ace up the sleeve. Nowadays, you can't be flashy and force your brand to look expensive. You need to be smart about every detail and create more complex value in your product. Adding value is essential for business owners. When you're facing a limited budget and scarce human resources, you have to be agile. Luckily, Packhelp can provide you with the best custom retail packaging necessities for your ecommerce brand or brick and mortar store. Thanks to the broad range of products, you can keep up with the Joneses and be sure that your packaging is competitive among other brands in your market.


For many brands, supporting the environment is one of their most important values. In one of our articles about branding, we have showcased an example of Girlfriend Collective. This American clothing brand elevates eco-friendliness as playing a significant role in the company. If the materials used to make your product are sustainably sourced, why not go one step further? In the past, you'd have to go to great lengths to buy packaging materials that were environmentally friendly. These packaging products wouldn't have been cheap, either. Fortunately, times are changing. Boxes with a lid can also be a solution for you. A Dutch brand Slopes & Town explained in a case study made with Packhelp that an eco-friendly packaging was crucial for their brand image. "The packaging material concept – through the belt bag and kraft paper box – brings out the raw element, which suits our packaging brand values of practicality, sustainability and non-plastic approach." Using Packhelp, you can finally use eco-friendly wholesale packaging supplies for your business - without spending a fortune to help keep the planet healthy.


But what if you require wholesale packaging materials or prefer to buy in bulk? Buying large quantities of packaging in one go can save you money - big time. Whether it’s detailed and intricate packaging or plain and simple boxes with a logo, you can find it all within the range of product that Packhelp offers. You can buy your low-cost packaging online. Minimum order quantities start at just 30 pieces and go right up to...well, anything. If you need 50,000 custom boxes with your logo on them at a wholesale price, Packhelp is the solution for you. Just visit the Packhelp shop, decide on the product you want and add it to your cart. Use the online design tool to drag and drop your logo, or create an intricate layout for your box. Then pick your amount - from 30 to 30,000. shipping supplies come in all forms and kinds. You can create eco boxes from corrugated cardboard, as well as paper bags, packing tape, poly mailers or more sophisticated, non-standard solutions. The sky is the limit with Packhelp!

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