Designing Carrier Boxes: Yope


YOPE has redefined the way of thinking about liquid soaps. The company prides itself on choosing only the finest ingredients (92% of them is natural and low-processed). The scents include verbena, salvia, fig tree, vanilla, honey and many other.

The company has also created a beautiful packaging for their new set (soap, body lotion and shower gel). The cardboard box is a custom project – there is a round window that makes up for a great product exposure and a hand for comfortable carrying.

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The story of YOPE has begun with an everyday activity, which brought the attention of its founders – washing hands. You see, we do that several times a day, even hundreds of times a month. However, most of the soaps are not healthy for the skin. In a vast majority of cases, skin is left tight and unpleasant. And just like the founders of YOPE established, it might be the fault of the water quality (including too much chlorine) or weather conditions (both heat and cold), but usually – it’s the liquid soap.

"YOPE was designed based on our passion for original and natural products as well as beautiful and innovative aromas."


Hence, the founders of YOPE decided to offer an alternative. After years of research, the cosmetic products of the Polish brand are of highest quality. Contrary to most of the producers these days, YOPE’s soaps do not contain artificial additions, like colorants, silicones, preservatives or SLEs.

These supplements cause the soaps to be more durable and aromatic, as well as improve the foaming. However, at the same time, they are all quite unnecessary additions, which can only lead to skin irritations. YOPE has given a new, healthier way of treating your hands.


Packaging design referred to that optimistic change

The gentle product has been given a respectable treatment in terms of its packaging. The yellowish colors with a bit of black font are a very warm, subtle mix, whilst floral elements refer to the new scent in the package – the linden flower. This whole design by YOPE is a great example of what Packhelp Pro is all about – a packaging that will be remembered by the customer.